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Running Head: BUILDING THE BETTER MOUSEBuilding the better MouseCase AssessmentStudent Name:Student ID:Course Name:Course ID:Faculty Name:
BUILDING THE BETTER MOUSE1The case is concerned with a group brainstorming over the idea to create a new design for themouse to be used in the next generation personal computers. By the end of the meeting, thegroup came up with around 28 ideas for the product. The ideas were distributed among themembers by the head for the further assessment based on the technical feasibility andmanufacturing costs. The team has been given six month for developing the prototype of theproduct and three months for the production.The current situation shows that the company is in need of immediate product launch whichcan be the result of various reasons such as the need to remain in the competition as thetechnology market changes rapidly and constant innovation is road to success, buildingmarket reputation, attracting customers, and others. Also, more the company stay abreast ofinnovation, it is likely that it will have strong customer base.The need of the new product design can be fulfilled by two possible methods, one is thebrainstorming of the ideas and another is the customer survey. The team has just conductedbrainstorming which resulted in 28 ideas. From these ideas, the team can identify the mostsuitable ones and place them on the survey and distribute them to potential customers throughonline medium (Shocker & Srinivasan, 1974). This will give them concrete understanding onwhether the ideas that are considered technically feasible and under budget are liked by thecustomers.Moreover, this process will likely to reduce the risks related to the product development. Ifthe product is taken further for the production without input from the customers then it ispossible that the result will be a failed product launch (Ulrich, 2003). The company willunlikely achieve its objectives at all. The conception of right idea is necessary for the furtherprocess. The ideation phase is fundamental and most important stage of any product
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