Relationship Between the Police and Media (DOC)

Added on - Apr 2020

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Annotated ResourcesDhillon, KS 2013, 'Police & Media In India',Bureau of Police Research and Development, vol 1, no. 100,p. 1.Retrieved From:- this Article, the author tried to put light on the relations of the police and media, by fairlypresenting their ways and behaviors towards each other. In this article, the author said that thepolicemen’s are the part of, not apart from the people. In a society that is democratic and free ofany kind of government interferences, there the only means of portraying the character of policein front of general public is media. It is in the hand of media whether to benefit or to obstruct theimage of police in the public.Reeder, D 2016, 'Relationship Between Media & Police', U.K Printing and press works, Cambrigde. this report the writer, is telling the audience about the experience of a crime reporter CrolynLowe. She spent all her career interviewing the law and enforcement officers. Slowly she cameto know that the relationship between the media and police is really hectic, so she decided tobridge this gap between both by explaining the media about the profession of police and to thepolice about the profession of the media. In her course of this bridging the gap, she ended upearning a master’s degree in police leadership programme. This encouraged police officials to gothrough a programme that will help them understanding the job of a reporter.Rodrigo 2012,Symbolic Relationship between Media & Police, viewed 5 June 2012,<>.The author of his document “Rodrigo” stated that the relationship between police and media hasbeen progressed. As by each passing year the moral and social responsibilities of both theprofession are increasing, and even the general public is getting more aware and moreresponsible. It is now not in hand of police or the media to deter the image of each other in thepublic. However still a large number of mass is still dependent on the media, though therelationship between media and police is getting improved by each passing year.Kristyntrant 2015,How Police Officers are represented in Media, viewed 2nd August 2015,<>.The author of this document states that, the media whether news channels, entertainmentchannels or movies always takes the work and role of police for granted. They never think about
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