BUS 4113_ Financial Accounting I. CLO 1- Prepare financial

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BUS 4113_ Financial Accounting ICLO 1- Prepare financial statementswithadjusting entries CLO 2- Prepare accounting reports for merchandising business CLO 3- Compare the various accounting treatments of current assets CLO 4- Recommend an accounting treatment of long term assets BUS 4133_ Managerial Accounting ICLO 1- Use CVP analysis model to determine how profits respond to prices, costs and volume CLO 2- Compute unit product costs using costing systems CLO 3- Compare the effects of absorption and variable costing on net income CLO 4- Assess how activity based costing impacts planning, control and decision making CLO 5- Prepare masterbudgets and explaintheir importance in planning and control BUS 4123_ AUDITCLO 1- Explain the principles of auditing and professional standards of auditors CLO 2- Assess audit risk and audit evidence while conducting an audit CLO 3- Evaluate internal control policies and procedures adopted by organizations CLO 4- Design substantive testing procedures for major transaction cycles

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