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Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODBusiness researchMethod- Rise of tourism industry in Nepal, Manang districtName of the student:Student ID:Unit Name:Unit code:Tutor’s name:Name of the university:Assignment name:Assignment title:Author note:
1BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODRise of tourism industry in Nepal, Manang district1.0 IntroductionIn the age of machines, the humans have become corporate machines, where theirrecreations have become obsolete. The stress of the hard day’s schedulegenerates stress withinthe people, making it difficult for them to maintain the balance of life. Herein lays theappropriateness of tourism, which caters to the entertainment needs of the people. However,tourism is a vast subject, of which the assignment picks the tourism industry in Manang districtof Nepal. Consideration of journal articles speculates the factors, which have expanded thebusiness of tourism industry in Nepal.1.1 Research aim and objectivesThe aim of this research is to assess the factors, which have led to the rise of tourismindustry in Manang Valley of Nepal.The following objectives would help the researcher toachieve positive outcomes:To assess the business scenario of tourism industry in NepalTo examine the steps taken by the tourism industry personnel to achieve customersatisfactionTo study the impact of the tourism packages offered by the tourism industry of Nepal onthe stakeholders and shareholdersTo suggest recommendations for the tourism industry of Nepal to expand their businesstill the extent of foreign market penetration
2BUSINESS RESEARCH METHOD2.0 Journal article 1Yergeau, M.E., Boccanfuso, D. and Goyette, J., 2017. Linking conservation and welfare: Atheoretical model with application to Nepal.Journal of Environmental Economics andManagement,85, pp.95-109.2.1 BackgroundThe article establishes essential linkages between conserving the ecological biodiversityfor enhancing the aspect of tourism. The main theme of the article is to establish linkagesbetween conservation and welfare. The propositions of the article shed light on the importance ofpreserving the land in terms of ensuring the wellbeing of the tourists. Reaping beneficial seedsinto the land, gives fruits of success. This is also applicable in case of the Nepal tourismespecially in the Manang district. Introduction to ecotourism is the main factor, which has led tothe rise of tourism in the Manage Valley of Nepal. Along with this, the article projects themeasures undertaken for ensuring the security of the tourists. Here, the Maoists attacks attains animportant position in terms of the keeping the passion of the tourists to enjoy the calm and serenebeauty of Nepal.The article talks about ecotourism, which provides the tourism with enough opportunitiesto get lost in the scenic beauty of Nepal. Increasing the police posting in the newly establishedhotels and resorts have ensured the security of the tourists.2.2 Research approachTheoretical perspective towards this aspect reflects the approach of the tourism industrypersonnel in terms of adding meaning to the tours and travels thought of by the people in their
3BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODvacations. Herein, deductive approach is most appropriate. This is in terms of deducing thefactors behind the growth of Nepal tourism especially in the Manang Valley through theinformation collected from the local tribes. Effective consideration of the responses provided bythe samples helps in determining the push and the pull factors, which plays a major role inenhancing the aspect of customer satisfaction for the tourism sector. On the other hand, thesepush and the pull factors enhances the clarity of the people regarding their visit to the otherplaces.2.3 Research strategy and NatureThe article reflects the selection of theoretical prediction for speculating the rise oftourism sector in the districts of Manang Valley. Here, the data collected from the Nepalesetribes attains an important position. This strategy can be perceived as something more than theusual strategies, which are used for carrying out a research- primary or secondary and qualitativeand quantitative.2.4 Research methodUsually in a research data is collected through primary and secondary methods. Withinthis, there are subdivisions-qualitative and quantitative. In primary quantitative, the means ofsurvey is used for collecting the required data from the samples. However, in the case ofqualitative, the means of interview is used for gathering the necessary data from the samples. Inthis research, both quantitative and qualitative means are used. As a matter of specification, thelocal tourists are surveyed and the managers of the developed hotels are interviewed.
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