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PriceSQuantityDP*Q*S1P1Q1Page 1 of 3NAME:ID NO:Tutor’s name:ATMC BUS102 Introduction to Economics–Semester 2 2017Assessment task 2 – Responses to articles - Article 2DUE via Safe Assign 5pm Sunday 24thSeptember“Wealth by degrees “from The Economist June 28th 2014 the article at the URL given above and answer the questions in the spaces below. Use fullsentences and show all necessary working but do not use more space than is given here. Otherreferences are not necessary but, if you do use any (for example, online economics glossaries)please list at least the URL of your source. Marks are shown and total [15].(1) According to the article the price of a degree is rising, “as a result of falling Governmentsubsidies”. Use a simple demand and supply diagram below to explain the effects on the price of adegree in the above scenario. [4]

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