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BUS840: Business Project Management | Essay

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BUS840 Business Project Management (BUS840)


Added on  2020-02-23

BUS840: Business Project Management | Essay


BUS840 Business Project Management (BUS840)

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running head: INTEGRATING SUSTAINABILITY IN MANAGING IT PROJECTSIntegrating Sustainability in Managing IT ProjectsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
BUS840: Business Project Management | Essay_1
1INTEGRATING SUSTAINABILITY IN MANAGING IT PROJECTSIntroductionThe concept of sustainable development is growing with time. This concept is beingincorporated in several fields as well as several layers of the society. Sustainable development isbeing integrated or incorporated in the development of various projects in the present time.Sustainability is considered to be very important while taking decisions at every stage of a project(Griggs et al. 2013). Natural resources are depleting and everybody is focusing on reserving theresources while developing big projects. Organizations not only plan for the technical aspects of aproject but also select a project manager who will look into the matter of sustainability. This essay discusses about the integration of sustainability in managing projects. Itparticularly focuses on the IT sector. The IT sector is a growing sector and it consumes a lot ofresources for the accomplishment of projects. This essay shows why and how sustainability needsto be integrated in the development and management of IT projects (Dincer and Rosen 2012). Itdiscusses about the success criteria as well as the success factors that are critical for the project. Italso gives an overview of the approach taken by project management. Sustainability is relevantbecause organizations are utilizing several resources and affecting the society. Projects must bedeveloped by taking into account the corporate social responsibility. This essay gives anexplanation that there must be a balance between economic growth and social as well asenvironmental protection.DiscussionBrief OverviewSustainability can be defined as the process of progressing in the present times by meetingthe present generation requirements without compromising or losing the ability to meet the needsor requirements of the future generation (Eskerod and Huemann 2013).This can be possible onlyif the present generation utilizes the resources carefully without depleting the resources.Sustainability can also be defined as the major reorientation or small change in the strategy of theglobal business.The IT sector or industry is expected to cause a change in the global climate as well lowcarbon in the economy. Two per cent of the carbon emission is done by the IT sector. IT projects
BUS840: Business Project Management | Essay_2
2INTEGRATING SUSTAINABILITY IN MANAGING IT PROJECTScan integrate sustainability by saving energy by taking several steps (SILvIuS and SChIPPER2012). Simple steps can be taken like automatic computer shut down, data centre consolidationand deploying hardware that are extremely energy efficient. IT projects can integratesustainability by managing data and using energy in a monitored way. Every project in ITrequires huge hardware resources that consume huge amount of energy. Apart from this it alsorequires large data storage place. All these types of projects give the human beings employmentin this sector. Causing harm to the society will affect the business as well as make the futuregeneration suffer. Sustainability can be achieved by integrating the economic, environmental aswell as social factors in the project. Sustainability can be integrated in the IT projects by saving energy. IT projects can usethe cloud computing technology in order to give a shared storage platform. Small devices can beused for storing large amount of data (Lang et al. 2012). This type of concept is known as theGreen IT concept. The traditional monitors used to consume high energy but the IT projects in thepresent times make the use of LCD monitors that utilizes less energy. Desktops are replaced bylaptops in order to consume less energy. Consuming less energy will benefit the society in severalways. IT projects use electronic devices that are manufactured by consuming toxic metals. Metalsare depleting. Sustainable electronics and recycling in encouraged while carrying out an ITproject.Success CriteriaThere are several success criteria of sustainable IT projects. The implementation processof the project needs to be efficient (Zou et al. 2014). Not only the technical aspect must be takeninto account but also the social as well as economic aspect must be looked into. The quality of theproject needs to be high. The client and stakeholder satisfaction will also play a significant role inthe success of the project. The social success criteria for IT projects are its impact on the social orlocal communities in the environment where the business operates (Ebbese and Hope 2013). Theskills of the people are increasing because of the technological improvement. The economiccriteria for the success of the IT project are the economic conditions of the stakeholders as well aslocal, national and global economic system. The IT projects will be sustainable if the financialperformance of the economy becomes better. There is another success criterion calledenvironmental aspect. The IT projects are known to consume huge amount of energy. Maximum
BUS840: Business Project Management | Essay_3

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