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Assignment on Business of PepsiCo

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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1BUSINESSPepsiCo is a recognized conglomerate that has been in existence since the 19thcentury. Headquarters of PepsiCo is still located in New York City. Over the years, PepsiCohas become a well-known brand by selling its beverage and snack products. It also took overvarious companies and made their brand name strong. PepsiCo has spread all over thedeveloped and developing companies in years. PepsiCo was given the tag as one of theworld’s most ethical companies. This is because the company has been satisfying therequirements and demands of the consumers (Thompson, Strickland & Gamble 2007).PepsiCo has been consistent in ethical terms with both the manufacturers and customers.Manufacturers had developed new flavors of snacks to attract the interest of indulgentsnackers and their regular customers. PepsiCo has been loyal to its consumers by innovatingnew products and fulfilling their needs throughout (Rothaermel, 2015).In the developedcountries, PepsiCo made modest modifications. To maintain the brand name, regularcustomers and attract new ones, PepsiCo also introduced healthy products. It started usinghealthy oils and ingredients while processing chips to satisfy the demands of health consciousconsumers in the United States. Developing health and wellness products were the keyinitiatives of their business strategic movement. Acting ethically all these years, made themsurvive in the food industry along with its other competitors (Hoffman, Corbett, Joglekar &Wells, (2014). PepsiCo has also delivered sustainable financial performance through thebusiness of ethical practices. Different consumers have different requirements in the fieldfood and beverages. Therefore, PepsiCo has maintained its ethical values. The corporatestrategy of PepsiCo had diversified the company into all the possible products. Productsbeing sweet and salty snack, ready to eat food, cereals, carbonated soft drinks, mineral water,coffee and juices. Through these products, PepsiCo has maintained close relationships withthe distribution allies, international manufacturers and expansion. The company wasdetermined in selling high quality product and worked hard on product reformulation. Such
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