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Childbirth-related Issues in the US- Reflective Paper

Added on -2019-09-23

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Running Head: BUSINESS1The Business of Being Born
BUSINESS2IntroductionThe childbirth and the increased infant mortality rate is one of the key concerns of the UShealthcare system. Although the US has highly advanced childbirth systems, the number of childdeath is also high (Xu et al., 2015). In addition, the current healthcare system of the countryprovides pregnant women with less opportunity to choose their preferred childbirth option. Thebusiness of Being Born is a documentary that highlighted the issues related to the lack ofdecision-making power among US women at the time of childbirth. The current reflective paperdeals with the analysis of the childbirth-related issues in the US.Overall impression The business of Being Born is effective to get a detailed view of the childbirth systems in theUSA. The movie indicates that despite having advanced healthcare systems, infant death in theUSA is high. The lack of knowledge among pregnant women in the USA on safe childbirthoptions is a key reason behind the failure.Change in My opinion and Views My opinion and views on the childbirth system in the USA have been changing significantlyafter watching the movie. Previously, I used to think that the current system is effective topromote health among pregnant women and infants. After watching the movie, I realized that thepresent system has failed to increase awareness among pregnant women and it affects the overalleffectiveness of the healthcare system.The relation between film and class topicsThe movie focuses on discussing the role of healthcare professionals to promote patienteducation. In class also, I have studied the same topic.Personal ExperiencesMy working experience in the healthcare industry indicates that healthcare professionals play animportant role to promote patient education.Opinion on Home Birth and Natural Birth at Hospital
BUSINESS3Homebirth is a popular option among pregnant women. however, in case of any complication,avoiding it is better. The natural birth at the hospital is possible. It is a safer option due to thepresence of healthcare professionals Influence of healthcare workersI think healthcare workers can have a favourable influence on the decision-making power ofpregnant women by providing them with adequate information on the available childbirthoptions.Role of nurses and midwivesThe nurses and midwives can play a significant role in improving the childbirth success rate bymaking the pregnant women aware of all the available options along with the positive andnegative impacts of each option (Hill & Mallett, 2019).Surprising Information in FilmThe film has revealed that a huge portion of the women is unaware of the available childbirthoptions. The fact seemed surprising to me.Impact on professional lifeAs I realized the lack of awareness among pregnant women, I will focus on educating themabout the safe childbirth options. Responsibility to meet the needs of women The healthcare workers bear the key responsibility to educate the women. Ways to advocate women and their educationThe healthcare professional can educate women through face to face conversation. Theprofessionals can inform the women regarding the risk associated with each option so that theycan make an informed choice.Conclusion

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