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Managing Business & Innovation PDF

Added on - 22 Nov 2021

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Managing Business & Innovation
The main aim of this paper is to conducts the reflective discussion on four different aspects such
as team working, communication, self-management, and positive attitude. This reflective
assessment is conducted in terms of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle. At the end, brief conclusion is
stated to conclude the assignment.
Reflective Essay
Description-I agree with the statement made by Heaven, Clegg & Maguire (2006) that there is
gap between what organizations say and what actions are actually taken by the employees. I have
seen the organizations which spend lot of time in formulating the strong strategic plan on paper,
but after that implements the plan in different manner or not communicate the plan in effective
way because of which lot of mess is created. This gap can be bridged with the effective training
Feelings-I have also felt that I learned about different things in terms of my communication
skills, and this course gives me the platform through which I developed my communication skills
in terms of making and delivering the presentations to the business stakeholders. Many times I
get embarrassedbecause of my communication skills and this ultimately reduces my confidence
Evaluation-Delivery of the presentation is considered as an art and as a business professional it
is necessary for me to learn this art. While working on this module, I recognized that
presentations are considered as effective only when it attracts the customers. There is no special
technique to make the presentation effective; few tools can be considered as useful in this
context such as communication. Therefore, it is necessary for me to enhance my skills related to
listening and communicating with others.
Analysis-When I evaluate myself in this context, I feel that I do not possess effective
communication skills and this directly affects my presentations. As I face number of challenges
while delivering my presentation to the audience, and the basic challenge I face is the ineffective
listening and communication skills.
Conclusion-I believe that there is clear scope of improvement and I work hard on improving my
communications skills. Further, I understand that these skills are important for other business
operations also, and it must be targeted by the business organizations in terms of increasing the
employability skills of the person. I also like to highlight that these skills not only ensure smooth
business management but also boost up the confidence level of individual.
Action plan- I personally believe that there is need to join the training session in terms of
improving the communication skills, because it can do wonder for me and help me in enhancing
my business skills. Another measure I adopted in this context is the self-practice on daily basis,
and for this I join mock sessions in which mock presentations are given to the fake audience for
reducing the hesitation level of individual. These two measures are effective in nature and
definitely help me in improving my communication skills (Trenholm & Jensen, 2008).
Team working
Description-There are almost 7 members in my team, and while working in that team I play the
role of finisher in the team. This role is really difficult and painstaking, as it impose number of
responsibilities on my shoulders such as management of time, quality controller, and
responsibility to find the errors in the completed work. Another issue I face in this context is the
delegation of work to my team members and ensures timely completion of work on time.
Feelings-While playing the role of finisher, I felt that this job is not an easy task and it requires
number of personal skills which is accompanied with the professional skills such as patience and
self-management. Number of situations occurred while working in the team, and these situations
include both positive and negative aspects. While dealing with these situations, I feel nervous
and become fussy with my members, but I also motivate them with the utter confidence. I
understand that for the purpose of ensuring high quality performance of the members, I need to
ensure that personal goals of the members must be accompanied with the goal of team.
Evaluation-In context of my role, I always monitor the work procedures conducted by my team
members in terms of completing the work. I believe that this role is important for the quality
performance of the team, as it ensures that task is finished on time and performance of team
members is of high quality. In other words, it is the role of perfectionists with the careful and
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