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INTRODUCTIONData analytics is the one of growing field in the world. In current report, data collectionstrategy is discussed in detail. Along with this, in the report complex range of techniques relatedto data analysis are also discussed. In middle section, thematic analysis is done and along withthis SPSS is also used for regression analysis. At end coclusion is formed and in this way, entireresearch work is carried in the reportData collection strategy in respect to primary and secondary sourcesData collection strategy refers to the tactics that are followed to gather data frommultiple sources. There are two sources from which usually data is gathered namelyprimary and secondary data. In respect to primary source three strategies are commonlyfollowed like survey, special interview and focus group. In special interview detaildiscussion is carried out in respect to research topic with specific person (Chan, Fung andChien, 2013).Whereas, in focus group there are multiple people that carried out researchon specific topic. In present research study data will be collected through primary sourcesand in this regard questionnaire will be distributed among respondents. Sample of 301|P a g e
people will be taken and from them opinion on varied questions will be collected. Apartfrom this, secondary data will be collected from books, journals and magazines (Karkalaand Yalavarthy, 2012). In order to conduct secondary research varied websites and journalswill be reviewed. This is the entire plan that will be followed for conducting research.Secondary data analysisAccording toGordon and, (2013)residential care homes are becoming morepopular in the UK as in relevant establishments good care taking of patients is done and propertreatment is given to them which ensure that they will remain healthy. This is the reason due towhich popularity of the residential care home grown at rapid pace in the mentioned nation.Presence of regulatory body also ensure that people will be treated in residential care home inproper manner and they will not face any sort of problem at workplace.Contrary to thisSahota, Morgan and Moran, (2012)state that fee in care homes is veryhigh and due to this reason everyone can not afford service in care home. Many times instead ofhigh fee given service delievered is not upto expected quality. Hence, it can be said that manytimes selection of care home proved to be wrong decisions. In many care homes family likeenvironment is not given and due to this reson people feel absence of cordial relationship in theirlife. Hence, all these things negatively affect individuals mental condition. Small living space isthe one of the factor that have impact on patient at social care seeting. Individuals wants to liveindependent life and want more space in respect to social relationship. Such kind of things aremany times not observed in social care setting and such kind of thingsComplex range of techniques to analyze dataObservation:Under this method researcher do detailed observation of varied things andon that basis find out lots of facts related to research topic. By doing so arrive at specificconclusion. It can be saidthat observation is the method which is employedfor analysisby the researchers.Focus group:Inthis technique specific topic is discussed between panel of experts andvaried facts are identified. On basis of discussion finally concensus is obtaind on specificpoint (How to Conduct a Successful Focus Group Discussion, 2017). This approach isusually used when any buring topic is discussed between experts.2|P a g e
Contact interview:It is different then focus group method because in this interview ofsingle person is taken and detail discussion like focus group is carried out. Means thatinstead to disussing topic with multiple people only one expert is invited for discussionpurpose.Thematic analysis:In this approach frequency table is generated and it is identified thathow much response is given by respondents on each category. Thus, specific direction inwhich respondents give response can easily be identified by using thematic analysis.Regression:It is advance technique by using which relationship between dependent andindependent variable is identified (Hosmer, Lemeshow and May, 2011). There aremultiple statistic in regression which assist in meauring relationship between both sort ofvariables.Do you know about residential care homes?FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValidYes30100.0100.0100.0InterpretationChart is reflecting that all respondents know about residential care homes. It can be saidthat residential care homes are gaining wide popularity among people.3|P a g e
Family environement in usually available in luxury residential care homes?FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValidStrongly agree826.726.726.7Agree1136.736.763.3Neutral516.716.780.0Disagree413.313.393.3Strongly disagree26.76.7100.0Total30100.0100.0InterpretationFacts are reflecting that there are 8 respondents that are strongly agree and 11 are agreeon same statement. Only 5 are neutral followed by 4 disagree and 2 strongly disagree. It can besaid that majority of respondents are agree with asked statement.4|P a g e
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