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Running Header: BUSINESS ANALYTICS1BUSINESS ANALYTICSStudent's name:Institution:Professor's name:Course Code:
Business analytics21.IntroductionThe following research aims to take an insight into the Smartphone demands at La TrobeUniversity. The research is driven by the high competition among Smartphone supplierswho offer a wide variety of Smartphone in the market (Cecere et al., 2015). The researchtargeted students at La Trobe University who are enrolled into BUS1BAN. Aquestionnaire was developed to capture the data for analysis. The questionnaire containedboth open ended and close ended questions. After the development of the questionnaires,students were asked to answer to an online survey. From the data collected from thesurvey, a random sample of 100 participants was selected. The sample, selected throughexcel functions is aimed to represent the whole population and ensure that the analysis isefficient and effective (Candes & Wakin, 2008).2.Data AnalysisSection A: Basic Analysis1. Proportions of male and femaleFrom the data selected number of males was 54 while the number of females was 46. Thus, theproportion of males in the sample was 0.54 while the proportion of females in the data was 0.46.2. Average monthly billTable 1: Average Bills and Earnings
Business analytics3From table 1, it is observed that monthly average bill of males was $62.78. On the other hand,the average monthly bill of females was $71.78.3. Average monthly earningFrom table 1, it is observed that the monthly average earnings of males are1,234.70 dollars while the average monthly earnings of female students are 1,114.21 dollars.To determine the relationship between two variables, a correlation analysis was carried out(Cohen et al., 2013).Table 2: Correlation analysisFrom table 2, it can be seen that earnings and money spent have a relationship. Though therelationship is positive, it is weak since its correlation is 0.35 (Podobnik & Stanley, 2008).4. Market shareFigure 1: Male market share
Business analytics465%4%15%17%AppleLGOther smartphoneSamsungFigure 1 shows that Apple is the leading Smartphone with a market share of 65% with Samsunghaving 16% and other Smartphone with 16%. On the other hand, LG has the least market sharewith 4%.Figure 2: Female market share80%2%2%15%AppleLGOther smartphoneSamsung
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