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Organization is a group of people working together for a common goal and task. Whileworking in the organization the managers has to do different types of work like planning,organizing, coordinating and controlling. Organization has to work under different type ofenvironment which depends on the political, economic, social, legal and technologicalenvironment of the country in which it is doing operation (Moore, 2016).LO1:Explain different types and purposes of organisations; public, privateand voluntary sectors and legal structures.There are generally five types of business organizations. It includes private organization,public organizations, cooperative organizations, charity organizations and NGOs. Privateorganizations are those where ownership is in the hand of private individuals. They work on theprinciple of attaining profit. They deal with the law structure of the country in which they areworking not that of their parent country. Private organizations can be further divided into soletraders, partnership and cooperative organizations.Sole traders run their business on their own. There is no separation in the liability of theowner and the business organization. It is best suitable for the small investors. Since the decisionwith respect to the business has to be taken by single person so it is quick and faster incommunication. In UK you have to get your business registered in HM revenue and customs andstart the business. All the tax payment has to be done by the owner itself. Partnership is a bindingagreement in between two or more person who is working together for a common purpose. Theparties involved in the contract may be company, other partnership fir or a individual person.The partner is liable to the liabilities depending on the percentage of his investment in theorganization (Botha, Kourie and Snyman, 2014).Public organizations are those which are controlled by the government bodies. Theirmain aim is not profit but serving for the society. They are autocratic in nature. They do notfocus on the profit making but focus on the betterment of the society. There control iscentralized. The decision making is the hand of some individuals and the other do theimplementation part. Charity organizations are non government bodies and they work on theprinciple of well being of the society. They are nonprofit organizations. Cancer researchorganization is an example of charity organization in UK.LO1: Explain the size and scope of a range of different types of organisations.2
Organization should have a common purpose of working which motivates them to workhard. They have a clear set of vision, mission and objectives of the organization that they have toachieve in the specific period of time. Tesco is one of the largest retail companies of UK. It hasexpanded into different countries like china, India, hungry, Malaysia etc. They put maximumefforts to help their customers and the employee in the commitment that they have given. Thestore manager is doing his best to provide the best service to the customer who visit their store ordo online shopping from their website. They have to get feedback from the customers becausethey are the individuals who come in direct contact with the customers. They provide thisfeedback to the top level management. The top level management takes decision and builtstrategies on the feedback given by the customers (Hamilton and Webster, 2015).INTRODUCTION TO TESCOTesco was founded by Jack Cohen in the year 1919. It started as a public limitedcompany. It has its headquarters ininthe city ofWelwyn Garden CityatHertfordshire, UnitedKingdom. It has around 100 Tesco shops all round the world. The current chairperson is JohnAllan.Tesco has a large number of businesses. They have easily adopted the legal structure ofthe host country and deepened their relationship with the host country(Coe and Lee, 2013). Thevalues of the organization can be seen in each and every step they take for the organization. Theybelieve in the transparency of business. They tell the customer what they are producing for themso that the customer sets the achievable targets for the organization. They are conscious towardsthe dangers that business do towards the environment. They have started a zero carbonsupermarket, which is the first of its kind. This kind of environment change product does notproduce hazardous product for the society. This is one of the long term objectives of theorganization (Quinlan, 2019).PRODUCT ANS SERVICES OF TESCOIt includes the biggest grocery retail stores, electronic selling, apparels business, and thetoys of the children. They also have the business of manufacture their own breads. They alsohave a transport facility of home delivery of the product. It also have a insurance business which3
deals in car, home, motorbike, travel, pet, life, health and dental. They also have a credit cardbusiness which provides club memberships, bonus cards and business cards to the customers.They have a financial service which provides loans and mortgages to the customers. They havesaving account facility which has the facility of child trust funds (Apăvăloaie, 2014). They dealin the business of travel and they provide insurance against it.VISION AND MISSION OF TESCOTesco has five key points in its vision statement. It says they want to be a company whichevery customer wants. They should work in such a way that opportunities are always there forthe growth of the business. They always want to be innovative and different from theircompetitors. They want to apply global skills so that locally no one beat them. They want to be atrusted brand by the customers and the employee who work for them. They should have thecustomers who are loyal to use their products. They believe in producing goods that thecustomers demand in best way but they believe to always improve it. Therefore they are readyfor the changes for the innovation in the organization.The set targets of the organizations are known as the objectives of the organization.While setting up the objectives of the organization the business has to be smart. The smart can bedefined as specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and has a time constraint. The majorbusiness of Tesco is in retail (Crane and Matten, 2016). It aims in providing the best qualityproduct to the customer at the low cost in comparison to the customers.OBJECTIVES OF TESCOThe main objectives of Tesco are discussed as follows:4
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