Business and The Business Environment - Cadbury

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Business and The BusinessEnvironment
INTRODUCTIONBusiness environment is the combination of external and internal factors that help infulfilling demand and expectations of consumers (Prajogo, 2016). There are different factors thataffect functioning of business for the future.Present study will be based upon Cadbury company. It is multinational company that isowned by Mondelez International. It is the confectionery firm which is the second largestcompany in the world. Its headquarters is in Uxibridge, London, England, United Kingdom.Thus, study will cover types and purpose of different type of organization such as public,private and voluntary organization. All types ODF organization have different in size and scopewhich will be shown in this study. Further, it will also describe importance of all functionaldepartment and interrelationship with each others. By working with each other department allfunctional department of Cadbury try to accomplish its organizational goals. Functional units ofthis company like marketing, finance, sales and production have close relation with each otherand collaboration among all department is the main reason of this company.LO1P1Different types and purpose of public, private and voluntary sec tor organisationOn the basis of control, Companies are classified into 3 categories: Public Company,Private Company and Voluntary Company.Private company:Cadbury is a British multinational company and it is the 2ndlargestconfectionery brand after Mars in the world. It is mainly known for its dairy milk chocolate,roses selection box etc.Vision:Vision of this company is working together in order to create brand people love.As per its vision it wants to show that it focuses on ethics and collaboration. It is peaceful, freefrom discrimination, equitable society as well as based on the principle of social justice for all.Mission: Its mission statement is so attractive as it gives every detail about its productsand services. It mission statement is” It is our promise, our reputation is built upon quality. Ourcommitment to continuous improvement will make you ensure that our promise is delivered. Asper its mission statement it can be clearly said that, its mainly focuses on quality of productsrather than prices. By giving qualitative products it wants to attract wider range of customerstowards buying products and services.1
In the context of businessstructureit is stated that all decision are made at the top andpass down. It is all based on a democratic management style and involves all members in itsdecision making process.Stakeholders:Stakeholders includes all those person or organization that have someinterest in a business. In the context of Cadbury, customer and employees are main stakeholder.Employees take interest in their job and try to help the company in achieving their goals.Customers of Cadbury are also known as stakeholders of the company as they take interest inbuying products and services. Government is also a stakeholder of Cadbury's because of themoney they can earn from this company. They take money from the company for taxes. Localcommunity also wants to know that how this company affect them so it is also called itsstakeholder.There are various differences between these 3 companies which are as follows -TypeofCompanyPublic CompanyPrivate CompanyVoluntary CompanyMeaningPublic Sector Company is thecompany whose control andoperations are in the hands ofcentral or state government. Itis also known as Publiclytraded company or publiclimited company.It issuessecurities via an initial publicoffering which are openlytraded as well as widelydistributed.PrivateSectorCompany is the onewhose control andoperations are in thehand of individual orgroup of individuals oranother firm. It is alsoknown as privatelimited company. It isjust opposite of publiccompany because itsshares are not offeredto the public for sale.It is operated undersomelegalrequirements that areVoluntarySectorCompany is the onewhose control andoperations are ingroups of individualsor trust company forthe purpose of doingsocial work(Kolk,2016).It is a group ofpeople who voluntarilycomeintoanagreement in order toaccomplish a purposeand to provide servicesto people. It may beincorporatedor2
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