Business Assignment: Mobile Application Development

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running Head: Business proposal1NameDateTitle: Business proposalName of the business and the productBusiness Name: Boss Information LimitedName of the product: Boss chat (Mobile application)Our storyThe mobile phone has become an essential tool for communication worldwide. Statistics haveshown that more than 75% of adults worldwide own mobile phones. Among this number 65% ofthem are using smartphones. The use of smartphones is increasing each and every day due to theneed for constant communication complimented by the presence of the internet.This along with the need for constant updates on specific things of interest on differentindividuals led to us coming up with the idea of Boss chat. Boss chat is a social mobileapplication platform that connects different individuals can interact based on the categories oflikes. An example is the different chat platforms that are in the mobile application such asTechnology, Entertainment, News, Sports and even education.
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