Business & Business Environment of Sainsbury Plc

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INTRODUCTION Business environment is refer as an effective combination of external and internal factorsthat influence a organisation's operating situation (Avramenko, 2012). Business environment cancover different parts like suppliers and customers; its owner and competitions; enhancement intechnology; government activities and lows etc (Business Environment, 2017). Main purpose ofconducting this report is to analysis the importance of business environment for an organisation.This assignment is based on three enterprise such as public, voluntary and private. In whichchosen organisation is Sainsbury Plc, National Audit Office and Cancer Research UK. Thewhole file is based on Sainsbury Plc which is a second largest chain of supermarkets in theUnited Kingdom. This project divided into different parts which cover types, scope and size oforganisations. Interrelationship between different departments of organisation and their link withbusiness objectives and structure is also include in this project. PESTLE and SWOT analysis ofcompany and their interconnection that effect on decision making process, it is also cover in thisstudy. TASK 1P1 Different types and purpose of organisations Business environment means all of the external and internal factors that impact oncompany's functions such as customers, employees, administration, business regulations, supplyand demand (Bovee, Thill and Raina, 2016). There are major three types of organisation such aspublic, private and voluntary. All has their own purpose and motive to achieve better outcomeswithin predetermined time period. All these types of organisations and their purpose aredetermined as under: Private organisation: It is a part of a nation's economic system that is operated bycompanies and individuals, rather than the legal authority. Main purpose of the private companyis to make profit. Under this sector, chosen organisation is Sainsbury Plc which is a retailingindustry in the UK. Purpose: Main purpose of Sainsbury Plc is to give great food at a fair price. Companybelieve in being fair to their environment and suppliers. Legal structure1

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