Business Case Study Report.

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Business Case Study ReportSuggested Assignment Structure1.Abstract/Executive Summary.A synopsis of the issue/problem that you haveidentified to address, including a brief summary of the content of your assignment.Does not count towards final wordcount.Only found in more substantialassignments.2.Content.A table of contents with page numbers as appropriate.Does not counttowards final wordcount.3.Introduction.A short background to the subject you have chosen to study. (200words)4.Main Body.This is the main part of your assignment and should contain theinformation central to your argument/subject you are discussing.(1,000 words)5.Literature Review.A critical examination of the topic you have chosen to address,based on your research of authoritative sources.Only found in more substantialassignments.6.Critical Evaluation.Of secondary data in relation to the issue or problem/issue thatyou have discussed.Only found in more substantial assignments.7.Conclusion. This should provide a summary of your main findings.(175 words)8.Recommendations.What recommendations could be made for future improvementbased on your research. (125 words)9.Reflection.To reflect upon your professional, academic and employability skills.Onlyfound in more substantial assignments.10.Reference List/Bibliography.Using Harvard Referencing system, a list of youracademic sources in alphabetical order.Does not count towards final word count.11.Appendices.For any additional information eg annual accounts,diagrams/charts/tables/graphs or any visual images.Does not count towards finalword count.
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