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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND ACADEMIC WRITINGBusiness Communication and Academic WritingName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND ACADEMIC WRITINGAristotle had produced an important find in the form of necessary ingredients ofpersuasion, which are popularly known as appeals and are known as ethos, pathos, and logos( 2018). Ethos expresses an ethical way of convincing the audience that may alsobe relevant to the ethical values that the audience carries. Pathos means influencing theaudience through emotional responses. On the other hand, Logos mean giving logicalexplanations to the audience’s queries and influencing them with the responses (Charlandet al.2017). This essay is aimed at understanding the identified appeals of Aristotle and finding itsrelevance to the different types of modern communications. Moreover, the study alsoappraises a critical view on its appeals to today’s digital age of business communication.Ethos, Pathos, and Logos can be understood with the help of the different types ofcommunication, which are used separately for Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Thetypes of Ethosinclude but are not limited to like appearing sincere & knowledgeable to the audience,opposing the audience comments where appropriate, using suitable language for the audience,use of appropriate vocabulary & grammar and following a professional format of speech( 2018). On a similar note, thetypes of Pathosinclude using an emotionallyfuelled language, giving emotional examples, using figurative language and using an emotionaltone like disappointment, sarcasm, humor, excitement, and others ( 2018). Thetypes of Logosinclude theories & scientific facts, literal or historical analogies, factual data &statistics, informed opinions, real examples and definitions ( 2018).The three kinds of appeals of Aristotle are widely used in modern businesscommunication. Advertisers, in particular, use the three kinds of appeals with differentproducts and according to the target audience. Presenting a product, which is good in qualityand is a worthy buy for the target customer and has been advertised highlighting thefactualness of the product isone of the examples of Ethos(Murthy and Gosal 2016).Anotherkind of Ethoscan be speaking on the fundamental rights in front of the audience. The way ofdeliverance used to be ethical. The language used happens to be ethical as well (Murthy andGosal 2016).
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