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INTRODUCTIONBusiness CommunicationBarriers:Language Barriers: Communicating in samelanguage can also act as barriers sometimes, the terms usedto prepare message may act as barrier and hindereffectiveness of communication. When it is done in differentlanguage of receivers it is called out to be complete failure. Cultural Barriers: Employees working in businessenvironment are from different culture and region whichcreates differences in staff and act as barrier in effectivecommunication. This leads to conflict in staff and act asroadblock in achieving objectives and smooth functioning ofoperations. Determine basic challenges and barriers to effectivecommunicationCommunication is process of sharing ortransmitting news, ideas, policies, strategies, plans,information, etc. between sender and receiver. Theprocess of communication is subject to many challengesand barriers, here are some of them which Mr. Fishy isfacing these days:Challenges:Uncertainty of message: It occurred simply whensender is not assure of what to include in message tocommunicate, either it is overloaded or missing data. Thiscreates information inappropriate for receiver and hindereffectiveness of communication at workplace.Faulty presentation: This may occur whenmessage is not planned or medium chosen is not correctfor transmission of information hinder the quality ofmessage. This also occurs while transmitting it fromsender to receiver which is due to noise in channel ofmedium.Communication is two-way process by which ideas,suggestions, feedbacks, policies, plans are transmittedfrom senders to receiver. Mr. Fishy is fish and chipsrestaurant near London Bridge station in UK whichcurrently have 20 employees. In this discussion basicchallenges and barriers to communications areidentified, along with this some strategies to overcomebarriers are also included. Culture of organisation isattitude and behaviour of employees working in it andthere are differences which creates differences andconflict in workforce.

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