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(Solution) Business Communication - Doc

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Added on  2021-04-16

(Solution) Business Communication - Doc

   Added on 2021-04-16

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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBUSINESS COMMUNICATIONName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor Note
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1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONSection 1:South Calgary Medical Clinic7450 McLeod Street, Suite 150Calgary, ABT3W 1N9(403)555-2330March 13, 2018To Whom It May ConcernDear Clients,This is to kindly inform you that, from now on I, Dr. Kindman might not be availableas regularly as before, because of increasing personal engagements and therefore, my newassociate, Dr. Mary Happyface, would be taking my place in my absence. Dr. Happyface hasrecently completed her dental school course and is outstandingly skilled at her work. For thelast thirty years, I have been serving my patients loyally; my concern for my patients andsincerity towards my work pushed me to hire a new associate so that none of you faces anyissues due to my unavailability. As a responsible dental practitioner, I realize the need for skilled and capable doctorsin our industry and assure you about the good quality of service and satisfaction from ournewly hired associate, as you have experienced before. This mail is to notify you about therecent changes that the organization went through and to make sure none of the valued clientsfaces glitches regarding miscommunication.
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