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It is a case of a Car making company which is known as Toyota Inc. It is an unintentionalacceleration case and its communication problems surrounding this issue. The organization isengaged in producing high-quality cars for establishing itself in the eyes of customers. But tosome extent, the organization is not able to maintain the quality of its products. As Lupe faced abig problem with this car, in the same manner, there are lots of people who may face suchproblems. If the management is not capable of providing good quality products with high safety,then it should shut down its business (Hollnagel, 2014). The main reason for the problem facingthe organization could be the difference between North American and Japanese Executives. It isthe duty of the organization to maintain equality at its workplace. The management of theorganization does not give the decision-making rights to North American Executive, althoughthey are more knowledgeable about the acceleration issue and talented than the Japaneseexecutives. To resolve the acceleration issue, the management of the organization should be honest for itsresponsibility towards the public. It is not a right thing of the management of the organization torun from its responsibilities and denied the fault in its products. The management continuouslydenied allegations that they were any faults with its cars, which lead to public backlash. Toyotagives more importance to quantity then security aspects. Toyota prioritized safety first, qualitysecond, and volume third (Engmann, 2013). But during 2000 the organization began to grow andshift its priorities. After the growth, volume becomes their first priorities because it enables themto capture a large size of the market. President Aikio believed that Toyota should come to itsoriginal state of prioritizing and safety should be main focus instead of volume. This problem isarising due to lack of communication between different executives of the organization becausethey are not able to communicate the employees about the importance of safety then profit. In

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