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BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONINTRODUCTION Communication is the process of exchange of facts, ideas and understandingbetween two or more persons related to the business operations. Every business canachieve its success by the effective communication skills. Business communicationare of two types internal and external. Communication is very important fordirecting and controlling the activities of the people in the organization.Communication gives fast feedback and reduces the misunderstanding between thesuperior and subordinates. The organization has various rule, regulations, policiesand procedure there is need of communication to the peo0ple within and outsidethe organisation. Business communication is very important for the success andgrowth of the organization.There are several barriers within the organisation in the communicationprocess which will affect the success and growth of the company. Thereare various steps to overcome these barriers to make sure that smoothand efficiency in the communication by eliminating the difference oflanguage, simple language should be used while communicating.Reduce the level of noise because it is the main barrier of thecommunication. Active listening, avoid emotional status, organizationalstructure must be simple, proper selection of media are some strategieswhich overcome these barriers.Strategies for overcoming communication barriers:Barriers of effective communicationAn organization has faces lots of challenges due to ineffective communication between the people. Language, cultural diversity, status, physical separation, gender differences these are some barriers of communication and challenges that can happen in the company. These barriers are explained below:LANGUAGE BARRIERS:Under this barriers lack of common language, semantic barriers, poor vocabulary, poor grammar punctuation are included. There are different of languages uses in oral and written by the people and if the communicator and the receiver uses two different languages then their comes language barrier between and their need of common language to communicate. Poor vocabulary makes the message difficult and inefficient.PHYSICAL BARRIERS:Physical barriers also affect the communication process in the company like noise, sex, status, time, distance, age. In the process of the communication unwanted signals and noise which disturbs the communicator and the receiver. Gender differences like men and women communicate according to their sex. Age is another challenges in the communication process because every person communicate according to their age, education, experience, maturity and this will the affect the communication process.SOCIAL PHYSICAL BARRIERS: It includes status of the person, attitude, values, bad listening, emotions, resistance to change, editing, flirting which affect the communication between the two people in the organization. Status of a person according to their job and negative attitude towards the subordinates will affect the process of the communication withinthe organization.
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