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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONUsing Social media as a communication medium in a workplace of businessName of the student:Name of the University:Author note:
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONIntroductionThe use of social media carries significant importance to make the business productive.The use of Social media as the means of communication tools is important for the team membersof the organization. There are numerous ways to leverage the use of social media at theworkplace (Adamovic, Potgieter & Mearns, 2012). Whether the manager, team member,business leader or the HR professionals, they can use the social media to make commoncommunication platform and share the information and communication specifically in such away that would encourage sharing, collaboration and input in the business.When it is relating social media for the means of distributing collaboration andinformation, social media in a greater way engage employees and the brand ambassadors fromall the positions within the organization. Therefore, to emphasize on the importance of the socialmedia, here, FACEBOOK, SKYPE, SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM have been chosen to provetheir reliability as a social media in the working place for waging communication (Anderson,2015).The types of Social mediaThe important social medias that are chosen for initiating proper business communicationare facebook, snapchat, skype and instagram. These social media platforms are taken intoconsideration as the way of coordinating the employees in the workplace in the 21stcentury.Facebook:Firms can use facebook groups in terms of messaging to allow their employees to wagecommunication within the same interface. The groups that are used in the facebook enhance
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONcommunication within the business, allowing the employees to share their information,questionnaires and images. After the email, facebook is considered to be the only internal modeof communication that does not require any particular training. The platform’s familiarity is awin for the workplace, which made the employees engagement stronger with time. Facebookunderstands as a result, the value of good communication in a workplace (Adamovic, Potgieter &Mearns, 2012). With its huge enterprise, Facebook is showing a stake in the collaboration of theemployees. It has proved that the internal communication is in the radar of diplomatic players aswell as the stakeholders should take this as notice. The messages in facebook allow the businessto send quick information to the employees. The business head might create a facebook group tosend out the updates to the members of the department. Employees in further, can use facebookfor collaboration and communication. The company can use facebook to make its promotionstronger in order to recruit employees for their business (Ramsaran & Fowdar, 2013).SkypeSkype is another mode of waging communication in the workplace for the purpose ofbusiness (Heymann, 2012). By using Skype, it is possible to be connected with the team ofemployees across the world. As if despite staying abroad, the employee would not feel isolated.It provides from the provisions of collaborative team sessions to a live streaming of any meetingsor dialing into any conferences by using phone. The Skype for the purpose of business is framedfor all the needs of meeting (Heymann, 2012). Through the usage of Skype, it becomes possibleto make, transfer and receive the calls of business in the office, at home or on the roads usingmobile. Video conferencing in skype enables the team leaders to prepare a communicationframework in order to deliver the messages with the team members. The process of conductingcommunication in skype is the way to promote conversation face-to-face. For this reason, Skype
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