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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBusiness CommunicationName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONIntroductionThe study deals with analyzing whether Emotional Intelligence is an important trait ineffective workers as it is in effective leaders. For analyzing the concept of EmotionalIntelligence, this segment had used Victorian State Library website to locate relevant 5 sourcesthat links with emotional intelligence (Naseem 2017). From past decade, it is noted that there hasbeen huge increase in indication where emotional intelligence is considered as one of theessential factor in leadership. The current segment highlights numerous studies (by selectingreliable articles from Victorian State Library) that show positive connection between emotionallyintelligent management as well as employee satisfaction, performance and retention. Nowadays,business enterprise is aware of emotional intelligence where they are looking for ways to employas well as encourage people that are strong in emotional intelligence (Goleman, Boyatzis andMcKee 2013). The current segment clearly defines the features of effective leader and how theyuse their emotional intelligence to deal with people.Article 1Maser, C. 2013,Decision making for a sustainable environment: a systemic approach,BocaRaton, FL: CRC Press, ISBN9781466552166The title is “Decision-making for a sustainable environment: a systematic approach” thatwas published in the year 2013 by Boca Raton, CRC Press (Maser 2013). This research articleclearly defines that projection are considered as means for avoiding personal accountabilitywhere projection can be either negative or positive(Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee 2013). Inthat, people, should be ready criticism in a positive way as it discloses itself and give rise toemotional intelligence among the effective leaders. Timing is a critical factor that where the
3BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONleaders plays the role of that of a decision-maker. These leaders in real always inspire theirfollowers so that they can perform well and nurture creativity in their work. All leaders can bemanagers but all managers cannot be leaders. The leaders establishes sensible objectives andmaintain feasibility as a leader as they have the emotional intelligence that makes them capableof taking decisions for others (Dwyer 2012).Article 2Kite, N and Kay, F 2012, Understandingemotionalintelligence: strategies for boostingyour EQ and using it in the workplace, London; Philadelphia: Kogan Page,ISBN9780749458805 (pbk.)The title is “Understanding emotional intelligence: strategies for boosting you EQ andusing it in the workplace”. The author of the research title is Neilson Kite and published byKogan Page in the year 2012 (Kite and Kay 2012). In this particular journal article, emotionalintelligence is explained as well as illustrated where it build blocks. There are ten character traitsof emotionally intelligent people where the emotions can be clearly shown in their work and life.The article mainly explains how to measure emotional intelligence and its importance in theworld of social media as well as mobile communications (La Follette and Maser 2017). It is allabout the fact where people face personal situations and how they actually deal with it with theiruse of emotional intelligence. It is important to understand the concept of emotional intelligenceand strategies as it help in boosting the level of EQ and use it effectively in the workplace in themost appropriate way (Druskat, Mount and Sala 2013).
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