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Assignment on Business Communication (pdf)

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBUSINESS COMMUNICATIONName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONThe Qantas social matter disaster:The condition of the company is facing sever issues since the past few years. It isimportant for them to understand the importance of systematic management and coordinationamong the workers and the management to make sure that they are using the best strategiesfor improving the situation of the company. They can make a plan that will help the companyto build a better scope to interact with the customers and gain their attention and at the sametime regain their condition in the market.Future action that Qantas can take to build a positive public perception:The company has to make sure that they are using the latest technologies to competewith the rival brands that have already made a position for themselves in the market. Theyshould introduce attractive offers in the market so that the customers get attracted to thecompany. It is better for the marketing experts to communicate with the customers who haveexperience to convince the customers and motivate them to give a last chance to this brandwho will assure them a better management, technical service to the passenger (AshwiniNand, Singh & Power2013). The company should use tactical skills to communicate with thecustomers so that they are convinced. This can be possible only of the marketing experts aretaking the initiatives to perform the task with full efficiency. Thus the company should makesure that they are their best marketing experts for this purpose. The customers can beattracted with the high discount offers that the company should give to regain their position inthe market. They should give a scope for the customers to understand their standard ofservice and become their regular customers. Once the customers are familiar with theirservice and the reputation of the company is gained back then they can easily increase theprice of the tickets (Gao & Koo, 2014). However they have to make sure that they are usingproper engines and use proper technology to improve their technical areas so that thepassengers are not facing any issues regarding the engine or service.
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONThe company should inform the customers on every week basis so that they getreminded about the fact every time. A regular hammering of any information helps thecustomer to get familiar with a brand and thus there can be a chance that the customers mightgive a try to this brand even after a down fall in the market name of the company. Thecompany can conduct the social media advertisements on a daily basis, the television andradio advertisement can be conducted on a monthly basis so that the customer are awareabout the information every month, however as the price of the advertisement for such will beexpensive thus they can be conducted on a monthly basis. Attracting designs and colourfulleaflets will be required. Trendy notes for the audio advertisement will be required (Freestone& Wiesel, 2014). The company has to make sure that they are using the best sources orchannels to advertise their on air advertisements. The most required factor for this is a propergroup of marketing team who will be able to reach the customers with proper skills anddevelopment strategies that will attract the customers and regain their trust about thecompany.If the interaction with the customers is introduced then the scope for explaining thecustomer about their changes and informing the customer about their offers will become easy.The more the information’s get spread the higher the company will have a scope to gainsuccess (Latemore, 2013). There will be rise eon their sale, increase in profit, improvesreputation in market. However the company has to make sure that they are using thestrategies in proper manner.Important factor the company must adopt while using social media.The company has to make sure that they are using proper sources and messages toreach the customers, any unwanted post or comment should be removed immediately.Theyshould not entertain any external members in their personal groups, only loyalcustomers should be included in the group initially. Once the company gains their
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