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Running Head: Business communication1Business Communication
Business Communication2Introduction:Effective communication is the key of success for every business organization, and it also helpsin completing the goals on time with effective use of resources. Managers of the organizationand team leaders who communicates effectively for achieve the objectives, conduct specific task,using the right tool for right purpose, contributes more to the success of the organization ascompared to those who fails to communicate efficiently while conducting business activities.There are number of communication options which are available these days, and it becomesdifficult for business organizations to choose what tools to use and how to use these tools inmore effective manner.This paper discusses the topic related to implementation of instant messaging/group messaging,and discussion forums and chat rooms in the workplace. Lastly, paper is concluded with briefconclusion.Chat rooms, private & group messaging:Effective communication is a component of successful collaboration which is critical in nature,and it also enables the collaborators to share their ideas, to build common ground, and also todevelop complex interpersonal relationships. As new communication technologies develop theiruse is become increasingly common at the workplace, which means just telephone, email andFAX are no longer the only communication tool (Kim, Gwang, Park, & Rice, 2007).Private messaging or group messaging and Chat functions provided by Collaborative spaces areusually considered as effective communication tools for the purpose of ensuring that teams areworking together. It is considered as an effective form of communication for busy managers andemployees. Instant messaging makes the activities easier such as general discussions of team and
Business Communication3updates regarding projects. This process is considered as best process when team members andemployees are worked at different geographical locations and different time zones. It becomeseasy to share the files and conversations if needed. Chat rooms and group messaging areconsidered as the similar thing but interfaces related to both the terms in practical life are verydifferent. This can be understood through example; platform of instant messaging is better ascompared to platform of chat room in case organization does not have projects in which lot ofteam work is required and in that case only when individuals usually contact with otherindividuals within the organization. Following are some different digital communication tools(Scott, n.d.):Instant messaging- instant messaging are normally used for the purpose of recreation but nowthis tool is mainly used in the business organizations for employee-employee messaging oremployee-management messaging. IM provides an interface for individuals for the purpose ofcommunicate in one-on-one approach. There are number of software’s which allowed thecreation related to group messages but actual use of IM is not this.In other words, instant messaging is considered as important tool of internal communications inmany organizations, which make the things easy. Through this tool and new technology,organizations are changing the face of the workplace. There are number of advantages relatedto instant messaging, but it also has various problems with it. Advantages and disadvantages ofinstant messaging are stated below (Maher, 2004):Advantages-:It is instant, which means it can be assumed that target is online and the message will bereceived as soon as other person sent it.
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