Business Continuity Management Framework

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Establish and reviewthe BusinessContinuityManagementFramework andStrategies Written By:
Design and develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for reducing therisk of case studyThe business continuity plan needs to explore the company that can undertake littleadverse impact of potential disasters. Mainly, the companies like IBM should cover up thepreventive program, which can help in documenting New Zealand airport strategy, which willinclude a comprehensive IBM framework, oversight program, and testing program formaking sure that the plan can be reviewed as well as regularly updated. Most companies tryto implement the phased methodology for analysing the vulnerable potential area, explain theviable strategies and try to apply the business continuity plans (Snedaker, 2013). A) Know your risksIn this phase, the companies set the complete extent practice, which is forth thecomplete goal for IBM effort that validates the planned scope, and undertake processinventory or either the business units required for the project. It also explores the primarystakeholders within the process, including the steering committee, executive sponsors andvarious other subject matter experts (Sollicito, 2002). It is analysed that this phase set theparameters and tries to impart proper training about the project methodology and objectives. It is analysed that stimulating the disaster scenarios is quite challenging for anycompany. It includes the challenge of time-consuming for exploring the risks for efficientlyhandling the techniques of risk management. The complete risk management process in thecontext of IBM involves the movement of small details of the information so that that riskcan be tracked down (Sollicito, 2002). An accurate risk analysis not only try to prepare thecompany for getting compliance towards IBM, but it also assists in enhancing the fullefficiency and performance of the enterprise. B) Conduct a business impact analysis 1
The business impact analysis is considered as the next step that is required forpreparing business continuity plan. This area of the process tries to act as the base forsignificant efforts of recovery planning (Doughty, 2000). It also includes every criticalbusiness process and functions, as well as potential threats. Therefore, risks are explored,prioritized as well as managed; the different areas of failure for the business cover up externaldependencies and the complete business effect of risk and calculation of SPOF. Recoverypoint objectives, recovery time objectives, as well as recovery communication objectives arealso explored for every critical business process. This phase is used by IBM for studying theregulatory needs and standards, which are expected to be followed; along with efforts andtime required for implementing IBM computer system. IBM comes up with the issues of organizing the fragmented and distributedinformation. IBM holds various techniques of risk management as well as internal controlactivities for a different purpose, but the same is not coordinated to act as complete. This canlead towards the inconsistencies and redundancies that might hamper the contingency plan ofan organization (Shah, 2013). Activities of organizing distribution and data are therefore thehighest management challenge, and the same is faced by IBM. C) Develop continuity strategies to operate your businessLeveraging the data through BIA as well as an assessment of risk, the companies candetermine the functions of business as the mission critical or core, and then they establish thestrategy for managing the risk explored in the process of risk assessment. The frame ofcritical time and its effect through BIA are applied for determining the contingency strategiesas most viable. The options of strategies should be satisfied through BIA for undertaking theresponse time and cost effectiveness (Hingarh & Ahmed, 2013). Usually, the planners depict2

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