Business Environment of Coca Cola : Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONToday in fast developing world, every organisation wants to expand its business in vastarea. For this purpose, managers of enterprises used to formulate unique and effective strategiesas well as policies through which they can complete the need of business environment. But forthis purpose, employers are needed to analyse all factors that may impact on operationalactivities in both internal and external manner. It includes factors like economical changes,fluctuations in legal terms and taxation policy, ethical demand, environmental law etc. All theseattributes are necessary to analyse, which aid organisations to run their business in a requiredway. In addition to these, managers are also required to identify demand and needs of customersas per area in which they live(Cai and Yang, 2014). This would aid in manufacturing productsor services as per their requirement. In order to measure impact of factors on businessenvironment, present assignment has been made on a UK based organisation named by CocaCola. It operates business at multinational level in various countries with offering a wide rangeof products like soft drink, food and beverages etc. This report highlights various enterprisesclassified on the basis of business sectors like public, private and voluntary along with legalstructure. In addition to this, impact of macro environment on business operations also discuss.TASK 1P1. Different types and purposes of organisationsIn UK marketplace, there are several companies are running their business at small andlarge scale organisation. These industries are working on different basis and opinions as perbusiness objectives, aims and goals. Therefore, they have possessed distinct legal structures also.Generally, enterprises can be classified on profit and non-profit basis. As per present scenario,Coca Cola Company has run its operational business in various countries for generating moreand more income. This firm is manufacturing business in confectionary products like soft drinks,beverages and snacks. Along with this, in order to get attention of customers, marketingdepartment has made several campaigns like ‘Taste the Feeling’. Through this slogan, theypromote products in a large manner and convince people to avail. For generating high return oninvestment, this enterprise used to create modifications in commodities on regular basis byadding value in them. Therefore, Coca Cola has come under profit organisation.The profit organisations are also called private companies in which regulatory bodies haveno control on business. These enterprises are work for earning more and more profit like Coca1
Cola, Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day and more. While non-governmental companies are like charityfirms which generate money only to improve conditions of people by fulfilling their basicnecessities of life. It includes organisations like Oxfam, NGO and more. On the other hand,NHS, Military, Law Firms and more include in Not-profit enterprises as well as are worked toprovide safety for citizens. Basic difference among companies of different sector can beclassified as:-BasisofComparisonNon-governmentorganisationNon-profitorganisation (Charity)For profit organisationMeaningCompanies like NGO orvoluntary firms are non-government organisationswho are independentfrom national andinternational government.These are the noncommercial organisationwho are worked toresolve issues of people.Non-profit Firms arecharitable organisationswhich are dedicatedefforts and business toimprove poorconditions of peopleliving at a particularplace. Along withsupport of government,they provide funds tosmall organisation whowant to launch businessfor earning theirlivelihood and completeneed of family andsociety.Private sectororganisations which areoperated businesses onlyto fulfil demands andneeds of people at any costin order to earn more andmore income are comeunder profit organisation.These firms manufactureor deliver services as perneed of people andimprove their standard oflife in a high manner. itincludes commercialenterprises like retailsectors, banks, restaurants,insurance companies andmore.AreaofOperationsThese firms are operatedbusiness on a large level.Therefore, require lot offunds which they gainfrom charitable trusts.These corporations aresmall in number.In this, company can beboth small and large.2
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