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INTRODUCTION Business environment is explained sum total of external and internal factors whichinfluence the business. These factors affect on ability of company to develop as well as maintaincustomer relationship successfully. Each business firm operate in distinctive environment as thiscan nit exist in to isolation. Such kind of environment influence on business and get impactedthrough its activities (Babu, 2012). This research is based on Marks & Spencer and this companydeals in the retail industry. In this mention report will discuss about various types of companiesand development of international business environment. Relationship among variousorganisational functions and link with organisational objectives will be discuss. PESTLEanalysis will be conducted for analyse the impact of macro environment factors on organisations.TASK 1P1 Different kinds and purposes of organisationsBusiness organisation is defined as entity that formed for aim of carrying on thecommercial enterprise. There are several different kind of companies which are working withincountry. These organisations are classified in to various categories such as voluntary, public andprivate (Bah and Fang, 2015). These all have the different legal structure and objectives. ThePurpose and the legal structure of various kinds of organisations are explained: Private organisationIt is part of an economy and under this business is run through people and organisationsfor aim of earning profit. It includes all the profit business which are not owned throughgovernment. Private organisations are allow to issue stock and also have shareholders but theyare not to be permitted to trade their shared on the public exchange. Marks & Spencer is multinational retailer and it is specialise in selling the high quality ofclothing, home products and food items(Ballard and et. al., 2012). This company was situated in1884 through Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks in Leeds. Revenue amount which is earnedthrough a company by operating business operations is around £10,377.3 million. There arealmost 80,787 employees are presently working. Purpose of Marks & Spencer Its main purpose is to serve as the general store that caters for middle to the upper andlower class.1
Develop sustainable business by attaining the profitable growth. Legal structure of private companySole proprietorship:It is one- person business mainly found in traded where therequirement of less amount to set up. Owner may be operate on her or his way to employ others.The business owner has unlimited personal liability of the debts which incurred throughbusiness. Partnership:It is business form under which two or more than two persons are operatebusiness for attaining set objectives (Bansal and Hoffman, 2012). Each partners has unlimitedpersonal liability of debts which incurred through partnership. Limited companies: It is classified in two various categories that consist limited throughshares.Public organisationUnder this, companies are owned and operated through government and also exist to givethe services for citizens. The different business activities or services are covered in this areeducation, transport, healthcare and many others. NHS is publicly funded national healthcare system that gives comprehensive range of thehealth services in UK.Purpose of NHSIt provides comprehensive range of healthcare services.It gives medical facilities to people of society.Legal structure of public companyCentral government: It assure the assure proper functioning of state as well as centralgovernment departments.State government:It assure about the effective functioning is to be done throughagencies of state government.Local government: It insure that the public companies should perform activitiesaccording to regulations provided through government.Voluntary organisation- These are one which relies on the regular or occasional volunteers forits business operations (Belás and et. al., 2014). These organisations run their business forwelfare of society. 2

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