Business Environment of ASDA

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Business Environment
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INTRODUCTIONBusiness environment refers to comprises various type of companiesand componentswhich directly or indirectly influence on activities of firm. Shareholders, employees, suppliers,customers and competitors are various internal factors which influence operations. Government,technological and environment are external elements which executive consider while designingsystemand also conduct functions on the basis of situations of market.This given report is basedon ASDA that is famous retail store situatedin United Kingdomand differentother nations. Thisis subsidiary of Walmart which provides different grocery items, food products and various otherthings to have large customer base (Mahmood and Hanafi, 2013). This assignment specifiesdifferent types and purpose of organisation that is public, private and voluntary which vary witheach other in respect to size and scope. Company has different department which hasinterrelationship and help administration to accomplish objectives.Positive and also negativeaffects of macro environment are identified through external and internalanalysis toacknowledge strengths and weaknesses.TASK 1P1 Different types and purposes of organisationsNGO and NPO are various firms which are set by individuals to deliver items and services inmarket in according to needs and wants of people. These firms don't have aim to generaterevenue but to conduct activities for welfare of society. Thus, these are various aspects which haslarge number of enterprises that execute operations to accomplish their goals and objectives(Commander and Svejnar, 2011).Basis ofComparisonNGONPOFor ProfitMeaningNon-governmentorganisation are firmswhich are started byindividuals to deliveradequate items andservices in society forwelfare of people.Non-profit firms arethose enterprise whichprovide products tocustomer to fulfil theirdemands and generaterevenue which isinvested again inThis concept definecompanies which areestablished by people toutilise funds and deliverappropriate things inmarket to gain profit frombusiness.1
business.Area ofOperationsNGOs conducts largescale activities.Limited scale ofoperations are executedby NPO.Both large and limited areaof activities.ObjectivesMain aim of this kind ofsector is to enhance anddevelop society; therebyimprove economy ofcountry.This sector objective isto promote science, artand commerce byconducting appropriateactivities.Profit organisation primegoal is to generate largeamount of revenue frombusiness by enhancingcustomer base and sales.Market has different types of organisation which require to function in according toPublic Sector:This tactic includes firms which require to be managed and function in respect togovernment. It is essential that administration design system and formulate strategies inaccording to rules and legislations of authorities.Purpose:This sector comprises organisation which are established with objective todeliver appropriate items and services in market for welfare of society. Along this, managementeven increases employment opportunities to provide appropriate chances to people to generatemoney for maintaining their living standards (Cronan and et. al., 2011).Private Sector:This concept includes companies which are started and operated byindividuals to utilise funds andexecute effective techniquesand technologies in system toprovide products or services on the basis of needs and preferences ofcustomers. ASDA is privatefirm which hasretail firm situated in United Kingdom and different countries. Managementoffers variousgrocery, food, clothes and other things to grab attention of people by giving themvariety of choices.Purpose:Private firms goal is togive different services and productsto attract largenumber of people by giving them things in respect to their taste and preferences. Executiverequire to establish good position and image in market to generate adequate profit from business.Voluntary Sector:This sector comprise organisation which are operated by individual toprovide items and services for completion of needs and wants of public. Oxfam is firm in whichexecutive design system to gain adequate profit which can be invested back in business toconduct operations effectively (Dahan and, 2010).2

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From the above report "business and business environment of ASDA", we conclude that the business environment has internal and external factors which directly or indirectly impacts business activities. Public, Private, and also voluntary are different types and purposes of firms that differ from each other in context to scope, size, objective, and structure. Human resource, finance, production, research, and development are various departments that have interrelation and require to function effectively. PESTEL and SWOT analysis of ASDA are techniques used by management to anticipate positive and negative impacts of the macro environment. Along with this, the strengths and weaknesses of the system are also ascertained by seniors to acknowledge its interrelation with external macro factors.

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