Business Environment Assignment (BE)

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Business Environment
INTRODUCTIONBusiness environment simply refers to a surrounding wherein all kinds of organisationsare running their commercial activities. It comprises of two main types of factors named asmacro and micro which give impact on every activity of enterprise. This could be positive aswell as negative ; therefore, corporation needs to determine about such complications in advancein order to execute their commerces in effective manner. This can be evaluated by an importanttool known as Pestle analysis. In addition to that, companies also require to understand abouttheir own capabilities and weak factors so as to convert such weaknesses into their strength(Massa and AmitZott, 2010). The present reports is based on Tesco which is a Britishmultinational grocery retailer firm. This organisation was established in 1919 by Jack Cohen inEngland UK. This is third largest retailer organisation in world that supply its products andservices in several countries. For them, it is required to analyse impact of internal and externalfactors on business organisation. The present report is represent size and scope of different typeof firms and interrelationship between several organisational functions. It willalso discuss about positive and negative impact of external business factors,analysis of strength and weaknesses of firm and how they interrelated withexternal environmental factors. TASK 1(Covered in PPT)M1 How the structure, size and scope of different organisations link to the business objectives Each and every organisation in a economy is established to provide quality services totheir customers. In this, structure, size and scope of such organisations are based on theirbusiness objective to getting higher business growth easily. Each industry has different businessstructure which is created according to its major objective and services that they want to provideto target customers and market (Trkman, 2017). For this, several organisations set their businessstructure to implement their operational and functional business activities in them. 1
TASK 2P3 Relationship between different organisational function Primark is a British multinational grocery retailer that provide its products and services inseveral countries. This organisation has approx. 2500 stores in several countries. For this, theyrequire to build appropriate Relationship between organisational function to getting desiredoutcomes easily. For them it is require to analyse market and customer's demand to providestheir quality services. Research and development is a specific division of organisation which is working toprovides its effective services to analyse market demand and customers need easily. Through thisfirm can easily provide their quality services in market as per customers need. These kind ofactivities are very beneficial for firm that helps to increase sales and organisational growtheasily. Such activities reduce extra wastage and increase sales revenue of firm easily. In this firmneeds to build their effective services to getting proper analysis in target market easily. Thisdivision provides their services to analyse marker trend and different changes to adopt them inorganisational manufacturing activities (Drucker, 2010). Sales and Marketing is works to increase sales revenue of firm in appropriate manner.For Tesco it is require to implement effective marketing services in their organisation to increasesales of their products and services easily. In this process, research and development divisionprovides their effective services to analyse market and customers demand to provide themaccurate services easily. Through this Tesco can easily improve their market values andorganisational growth as well. Marketing helps to introduce new products and services in marketthrough different kind of activities as promotion, advertising, B2B and B2C marketingapproaches. Such elements helps to increase organisational values in target market easily.Production is a most is a specific department that is working according to customer'sneed and market requirement. In this process all business activities are implemented according tomarket and customers research to produce quality products easily. Such activities are verybeneficial for Tesco to analyse customers choice to serve same services. These kind of activitiesimprove market share and structure of firm easily. Such production services are increaseproducts valuation and reduce extra wastages. In it, Tesco start their manufacturing process asper customers demand that helps to reduce store material easily (Dahan, 2012). Tesco uses Justin time approach in their production services to getting higher business advantages easily. 2

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