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Business Environmental Analysis

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Business EnvironmentalAnalysis
TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONTASK 1P.1. Explanation of Different Types and Purpose of OrganisationP.2. Size and scope of different types of OrganisationP.3. Relationship Between the Different OrganisationCONCLUSION/ OPINIONTASK 2P4 Impact of macro environmental factorsP5 Internal, external analysesP6 Interrelationship between macro factor and strength or weakness of businessCONCLUSIONREFERENCES
INTRODUCTIONThe project report is based on the Environmental analysis of Sports Direct. The reportlays emphasis on the comparison of three types of organisation structure namely: - Public;Private and Voluntary along with the purpose of these organizations (Internal, external analysis.2018. Online). The report lays focus on the size and scope of different types of organisations ondifferent basis in a tabular format. Further the assignment focuses on the interrelationship ofdifferent organisations namely: - accounts; finance; Human Resource; Purchase; Production;Marketing; IT; Research and Development; Sales; Distribution; Customer Service etc. with oneanother (Internal, external analysis.2018. Online).TASK 1P.1. Explanation of Different Types and Purpose of OrganisationThere are different types of organisation namely: - Public; Private and Voluntary. Theexplanation is to be given on the basis of types of sector and their purpose and its structure.Types of SectorDefinition of SectorsSelectedOrganisationPurpose andStructure ofOrganisation.Public SectorPublic Sector can bedefined as that part ofa country's economy inwhich there isgovernmentinterference. Itincludes: - Central;State; Or LocalGovernment Bodies(Impact of macroenvironmental factors.2018. Online.).Sports Direct is theselected organisationin this case.The motive oforganisation is to be apioneer in the field ofsports accessories,lifestyles and luxuryapparels.The Publiclimitedcompany is amuch largertype oforganisationand just likeprivate sector it
is run by theBoard ofDirectors onthe behalf ofshareholders.It can sell itsshares on theStockExchange(Internal,externalanalysis.2018.Online.).Private sectorIt is that sector oforganisation in whichthe role or theinterference of thegovernment is verynominal. These aresuch organisations thatare not directlycontrolled by thegovernment agenciesand organisation(Impact of macroenvironmental factors.2018. Online.).Here, Marks andSpencer are theselected organisation.The main purpose ofmarks and Spencer isto be at the apex in thefield of retailers. Theorganisation is at thetop in the field of retailmarket segment.The legal structure ofthe company is asfollows: -It's a joint stockcompanyhaving aseparate legalidentity, it’s apart of businessand under anycircumstance it
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