Business Ethics: Importance and Implementation in H&M

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This presentation provides an overview of business ethics and its importance in running a successful business. It focuses on H&M, a Swedish clothing company known for its ethical practices. The presentation discusses the ethical philosophy followed by H&M, the role of employees and senior management in maintaining business standards, and the challenges faced by the company. It also highlights the marketing strategy used by H&M to promote its ethical image.

Business Ethics: Importance and Implementation in H&M

   Added on 2023-01-03

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Business ethics
Cited firm is also heading in the
right direction for animals by
having a formal animal welfare
policy aligned with Five Freedom.
it is clearly shows that company is
actually following all the ethical
consideration and that is why, it is
stay ahead in the competition.
company follow
Ethical philosophy involves
systematizing and recommending
the concepts of being right and
wrong behavior.
There are many theories used by
many companies and it is depend
upon the behavior of the company
through which the firm run its
business operations in smooth
H&M uses Utilitarianism ethical
philosophy in which company is
based on the one’s ability to predict
the reason of an action.
Business ethics is all about
professional ethics and examine
ethical principle and moral
problem that arises in the
The current study is also
focused upon the business ethics
and understand the importance
of ethics to run a business at
further level of success.
Overview of the
company and reason
of being ethical
H&M is Swedish clothing
company who sells fast fashion
at low rates.
The company is recognized
under top brand because of its
brand image and high quality
It is the second largest retailer in
the world and it operates in 62
It uses eco-friendly materials like
organic cotton and recycled
polyester in some products.
H&M’s exclusive conscious
collection has made from
sustainable material and after it’s
audacious move quoted firm is
positioning itself as ethical
Marketing strategy: For that, Blue air may use the P’s of marketing such that under product, company will add new
product in this services such that inflatable cushion. On the other side, price of new product is minimal i.e. company uses
penetration pricing style (Wu and Li, 2018). Also it is available in those operation where Blue Air is operated. Lastly it
uses digital marketing promotional strategy in order to improve the results,
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