Business Ethics | Deceitful Spammer or Marketing Genius

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Business EthicsStudent Name:
Deceitful spammer or marketing geniusRachel was working on a post to manage customer relations through online communication.Her company was fighting in a very competitive market. Even though company was doingwell, Rachel’s boss wanted to tap a large customer base aggressively. For this, he wanted to useany means to capture the customers. Rachel tried to put her best efforts to get the results asrequired by her boss, but did not get success in that. Her boss gave the new idea of deceivingcustomers with some other personality’s name. Rachel did not want to cheat the loyalcustomers of the company.They could have tried to find out the possible causes of failures of strategies to be followed byRachel. She used website link implantation which did not succeed. Based on the interest of thecustomers, new methods or ideas can be developed (Adelstein& Clegg, 2015). A market surveycould be very helpful in this regard. Rachel was successful in convincing her boss not to use thedeceiving idea to contact more customers. This was beneficial for the company in the longerrun. Customers ultimately like company trustworthiness.Following the ethically right decision might not be very effective immediately. But, it helps togain customers’ confidence in the company’s core values. Customers like to associate with aname on which they can trust. Taking the decision of not following "Cindy Anderson" strategyresulted in great customer satisfaction for the company. Core values and ethical considerationsof the company persist in the competitive market.
Ethics and Compliance ProgramCompliance and ethics plans are policies implemented in the organizations to promote ethicalconduct and law abiding. There are supportive procedures and cultural attributes which followthe ethical conducts to make it more effective. Compliance and ethics programs standardize themanagement practices; increase their implications in the organizations. These programs provideblueprints of ethical systems to ensure behavioral ethics and regulations at workplace. Theyplay a significant role in smooth operations, efficient and ethically better work culture at theorganization. Company will be able to deal with any conflict situation without affecting itsvalues and other sections of the firm. Proper implementation of compliance and ethicsprograms can build strong core values and ethically correct work culture for the firm(Heller,2000).“Compliance Alone Won't Keep Your Brand Safe”, authors wants to say that many companieshave ethical programs in place but still they failed and lost a lot of resources. Ethical programalone cannot be effective unless they integrate value based ethics into the compliance program.Value based ethics can be identified by connecting with people and analyzing their behavior.Compliance program should not be a mere regulatory guideline; rather it should includepersonal value and societal norms in it.
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