Assignment on Business Decision Making Outcome

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Higher National Diploma - Business ManagementBusiness FacultyProgramme Unit 6: Business Decision MakingOutcome 1:Be able to use a variety of sources for the collection of data, both primaryand secondaryOutcome 2:Understand a range of techniques to analyse data effectively for businesspurposesOutcome 3:Be able to produce information in appropriate formats for decision makingin an organisational contextOutcome 4:Be able to use software generated information to make decisions in anorganisationYour assignment consists of two tasks for you to complete.Task 1is scenario based andrequires you to prepare a professional report based on your market findings. Task 1 will testL01 - L03 learning outcomes as set in Unit 6 of your programme.Task 2will test L04 learningoutcomes and will be based on 2 stand-alone questions.TASK 1: Scenario – Ocean World Theme ParkSubmission Date: 26-12-2016Middle East Entertainment Ltd (the‘’Company’’) is a real estate development companyinvesting in theme and amusement parks across the Middle East. The Company is consideringan investment opportunity to develop a large-scale open-air Ocean World type theme park inthe area of Dubai, UAE. The management of the Company seeks information on theamusement park industry sector in the UAE in order to evaluate the investment opportunityand make several important business decisions. The Company has appointed you as theirconsultant to analyse relevant market data and information and produce a professional reportbased on your findings.The proposed Ocean World theme park will offer a variety of experiences for the residents andtourists of the UAE, such as rides and attractions, open-air educational areas and activities forchildren, evening shows and food courts. There will be more than 30 rides and attractions fordifferent ages of people (for juniors, the park will offer rides and activities starting from the ageof two years old). In addition, the park will host a large-size indoor oceanarium presenting anocean habitat with marine animals from around the globe. The park is planned to be located inthe close proximity to Dubai around 20 minutes’ drive from the center of Dubai.In order to assess the commercial and financial feasibility of the project, the Company seeksmarket information on the leisure needs and preferences of residents of the UAE. Also, theCompany would like to assess the level of interest in the open-air Ocean World theme park
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