Business Information Systems Assignment - Solved

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INTRODUCTIONInformation system is one of the highly important as well as significant for each andevery business entity or educational institute whether they operate at the large level of smalllevel. The system which is mixture of hardware and software as well as infrastructure in order tomeet with the organisational goals and objectives is known as information system. With the helpof information system and technologies the entrepreneur able to run the whole business insmooth and profitable way. In the current case study there are TAPIS Limited company isselected which stands for Training and Process Improvement Services which was established byTerry and Sarah Tippler before 5 years. The chosen entity operating in the educationaldepartment where it provides various kinds of courses such as for the accountants, businessmanagement, technical etc. In this courses offer by TAPIS are such as presentation skills,negotiation skills, communication techniques, insurance, banking law etc. The overall report isdivided in four parts where first part shows about the requirements which are necessary forTAPIS limited. In the second part, infrastructure of the overall company is to be provided whichis very helpful for it. The third task of the project shows about the budget section which lead toprovide information about the costs incur in the infrastructure and others. The last part isregarding to the installation process of different kinds of electronic equipments and softwares.TASK 1On the basis of current case study there are several kinds of needs as well as requirementsare available with the firm. When the TAPIS limited will fulfil different number of requirementsof the clients as well as customers then highly able to attract them and enhance level of theclients. When the TAPIS Limited provide and fulfil all the needs as well as requirements ofclient then able to become more profitable by attracting customers (Alter, 2016). Further, thegoals and purposes of business can be achieved in the fruitful and effective manner. Some of thebasic and necessary requirements along with description are explained as below:RequirementsDescription of the requirementsProminentclientmanagement systemIt is highly compulsory for the firm to manage as well as sustainlevel of the clients and customers which is the basic requirement.In this, the TAPIS Limited needs to use higher quality of thetechnology and softwares to provide training and educational1
services. Along with this, the company must offer their all theservices on the proper time which is also beneficial for it. Withthe help of projectors and softwares educational courses andsyllabus needs to offer which lead to improve clients bymanaging in effectual way (Barker, 2013).Enhance the operatingsystemAt this point the management of TAPIS limited must ensure thatcompany is using new as well as latest techniques and methodsor not to provide training. In this, it is highly requires to use aswell as adopt updated technologies by which the overalloperating system of the TAPIS company will improve up to thehigher extent.Management of businessactivities in proper mannerApart from this, another requirement for the TAPIS Limited is tomanage various business activities after using updated techniquesas well as manage the database system. Further, by recording thebusiness data also TAPIS Limited able to know that in whichcontext firm is operating. Due to this, managers able toadminister activities of an entity and then make it highlyprofitable (Chang, 2016).Improve IT infrastructureThe information technology is one of the highly important factorfor the TAPIS Limited and which is require to implement in thefirm using updated and innovative systems. When theinfrastructure of IT will enhance then the management able tokeep sustain and increase level of the clients.TASK 2When the company or educational institute operate in then structure as well as interior ofthe firm must be appropriate and highly arranged better way. Due to this, the clients as well ascustomers will be attract up to the better and higher level. In the TAPIS Limited there are alldifferent rooms needs to be well structured which are such as conference room, classroom, ITnetworking, training room, pantry, reception, computer lab, HR room, finance office etc2
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