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Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 2Manage personal work priorities and professional developmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
2ASSIGNMENT 2Assignment-2 (Report Writing)1. Personal and professional development are the two aspects of the management in order tomaintain the development of the competency in the company the personal development criteriainclude proper training from seniors, motivation and occupational standards. The use of thepersonal competency helps in maintaining and developing the skills and quality of manager inthe company (Koerner 2014). The use of various conceptions related to the development of theskills revolves around the stakeholder management. The personal training depends upon thethoughts and views of the senior manager for getting proper guidance. The relationship betweenthe personal and professional growth can be differentiate by a single string of value (Wellin2016). The professional growth depends upon the development of the professional career and thecompany in the market the professional career depends on the growth of professionalism in theindividual for maintaining other employees and staffs in the company. The use of theprofessional network helps in providing proper maintenance to the development of the company(Le Boutillier et al. 2015).Various training packages are provided that helps in enhancing the skills and knowledgeof an individual. Each training packages contains definition of various skills and knowledge foroperating effectively n the workplace and maintain a proper guidance to the employee of thecompany. Various quality frameworks are available in the training packages that might create anopportunity for the employees in the company (Rowlinson and Jia 2015). Several assessmentguidelines have been included in the training packages that helps manager properly guide theiremployees in the team. Management of resources in an organization helps in maintaining aproper use of the resources of the company. The adoption of employee competency in the
3ASSIGNMENT 2company has provided an extra approach to the training packages in the company (Grant andKinman 2014).2. I have consulted to my two senior managers of my company for analyzing the performance ofmy work and duties in the company. The feedback of my two senior managers is important formanaging the work and management of the employees in the workforce (Bergheim et al. 2015).The feedbacks of the senior managers help in identifying the goal and loopholes in my behaviortowards my work. I used to provide weekly report to my seniors for the analyzing myperformance overall the week. The use of these factors helps in increasing my work performancein the company. The professional competency in have been maintained for clarifying the severalKPIs of the manager (Kossek et al. 2016). Various techniques can be implemented for improvingself-skills and knowledge. Various reflection strategies are made that helps in maintaining a formfor maintaining scores at different level of motivation. Listening technique helps in listening tothe ideas and thoughts of the senior managers and understanding the views and thoughts if them.The listening techniques helps in gathering a huge amount of knowledge and skills for myseniors. They can provide me quality guidelines to improve myself based on quality analysis.3. The journal based on the performance improvement include several KPIs that create anopportunity for personal development. I can participate in the training airframes organized forthe manager by our seniors to get motivated. The training packages contains a huge opportunityfor me to maintain and learn from the views of my seniors (Koerner 2014). Various learningstyles including Kolbe’s model of learning and Honey and Mumford’s style of learning mighthelp in providing various opportunities for getting enhanced level of training and knowledgefrom them. The use of these learning style help in maintaining several dilemmas in the company(Wellin 2016). The effect of various factors that have been involving in the development of the
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