Business Law Act Assignment

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INTRODUCTION Business law act as a backbone to organisational functions at it is the set of legal rulesand regulation for the business operations. It assists the firm in determining the legal boundariesof conducting activity and assists the enterprise in establishing smooth flow of work. The reportwill evaluate the structure of English legal system and the different sources of laws thatorganisations. Moreover, it will analyse the employees’ legal obligations like, occupationalhealth and safety, workers, compensation, equal opportunities, harassment. Apart from this, thereport will outline the business cases and legal solution to specific cases with justifications. Thus,it will determine the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution process in which cases areresolved with the involvement of third party and outside the court.P1 The structure of English legal system and the different sources of laws that organisationsmust comply.The English legal system is followed in Wales and England which comprises two lawsthat is Civil and Criminal. There is no alteration in laws as the regulation of these laws areframed by Judges in court, as only these individuals have the authority to amend and functionsthe punishments under the regulation. In United Kingdom [UK], Supreme court is the highauthority which holds the power of making justice (Loveland, 2017). Further, the courtsegregated the laws into Criminal and civil. The categorization of English legal system isdescribed under: Criminal Law: The law regulates the crimes, accuses and offense in the state. The personfound obligating rules under criminal law is punished by the court as per the effect of particularcrime (Ashworth and Horder, 2013). The court which handle the cases of Criminal law are,Crown court, Court of appeal and Magistrate courts. Civil Law: It deals with the issues and conflicts between two parties such as consumersand suppliers. In the cases of Civil law one party sues the other party against cheating, fraud,misinterpretation of information, breach of contract etc. Further, in civil cases one party is liableto pay for the losses. The Civil cases are handled by High court of justice, country courts andcourt of appeal.Thus, in UK parliament holds the super power and amends the regulations and laws according tochanges and crimes and cases. The basic values of legal framework of United Kingdom [UK] areas follows:1
Legislation: This starts when Member of parliament comes up with the bill whichanalyses the issues faced by the most general people of society. When the bill is brought up inparliament and then it takes few steps to make the consent considered under the legal book ofjustice. It comprises three reading before it reached to House of lords because it is important forthe committee to make sure that the consent mentioned under the Bill is considerable andappropriate (Hayek, 2012). Further, when the Bill is presented to House of Lords then the partymake essential changes as per the requirement. Thus, after getting a royal assent in Bill, theHouse of Lord make it as a part of law. Case Law: It acts as asset for making law, when formulating laws the various aspects ofstate and society are considered. The interpretation of law can be done after getting legalpermission from parliament. Further, it analyses the unclear language to make it clear in order toremove errors and make language appropriate because the decisions of court are based on alteredprovisions when are amended with a consent of parliament. European Union Law: The law of United Kingdom [UK] are partially depended on theregulations of European unions. This denotes the ability of EU law on legal framework ofUnited Kingdom [UK]. The European Law are generally focused on preserving the right ofhumans such as consumers, employees etc. Human Rights Law: The Human Right law of United Kingdom [UK] are based on EUregulations. Moreover, it has been determined that European Convention of Human Rightsinfluence the law making of United Kingdom.The statutory and common laws are applied in the court for justice. Generally it takes two legalproceedings to draw conclusion and the decisions are taken under the legal boundaries in order toprotect the interest of ever individual in society.P2 The role of government in law-making and how statutory and common law is applied in thejusticeGovernment is the key driver and plays a crucial role in process of law making. Identification of issue:The bill brought of Members of parliament is passes after at least threereading. The law are made in United Kingdom [UK], by following the particular steps which are,beginning of Problem, political parties fight against each other for gaining votes from Public. Togain votes the leaders make promises like, enhancing the roads, supply of water and many other2

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