Business law Assignment on Vicarious Liability

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Business law Assignment2Obligation in terms of LarryLarry is creating nuisance i the restaurant on a regular basis by getting involved in anargumentative conversation with the employees and the other customers. This has a substantialimpact on the clientele. In this situation the restaurant owner has a right to stop him fromharming the interest of the restaurant. The regular nuisance created by him can be considered asa ground handling the situation. There are possible remedies available to the restaurant ownerwhere he can restrict Larry from entering the restaurant. In case of damage created throughnuisance, the individual has to pay off the amount caused in the premises. Another reedyavailable is to stop the individual from entering the restaurant (Barker, et al 2012).Obligation in term of staffThe employer is held liable for the act of the employee. This type of situation occurswhen an individual act n behalf of the employer. Vicarious liability pours the burden on theemployer for the deeds of the employee. In order to draw the obligation of the staff a relationshiptest has to be conducted. The law creates an obligation under tort for the negligence done toanother person. Vicarious liability creates the burden on the employer while accomplishing hisduties (Lunney & Oliphant, 2008).Obligation in relation to the other clientsIn case of public nuisance the restaurant owner and the staff can take action against theperson creating nuisance. Any such harm can create a monetary loss to the company. Thiscreates a need to develop precautionary measures in order to deal with the problem. There is
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