Structure of English Legal System in Business Law

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Business Law
INTRODUCTIONLaw isform of moralities which are documented and applied by administration ofcountry. The rules of law are considered as civil conduct which are also prescribed by supremepower of state and commanding on rights things to prohibit wrong effects. It is essential for thosepeople who are starting new business so that they can find out their answers regarding rules andregulations which are applied to their business entity. Business law covers a wide breath of topicwhich includes rules about protection of employees, how their business conducted, insurancerequirements and many more (Cameron, 2017). In present assignment, English legal system ofUK has been discussed in detail along with their source of law. Moreover, different laws whichhas to be comply with organisation in order to sustain in market for a long period of time. Apartfrom this, some case laws have been discussed in regarded to employment and contact law. Inlast, alternative dispute resolution concept is discussed with their advantages.TASK 1P1 Different sources of law and English legal systemUnited Kingdom is constitutional monarchy which does not considered single documentin their constitution. There are many laws which has been made over 100 years and these arecreating problems for resident people as well as business firms in understand them properly. Thestructure of English legal system has been described in context to resolve their conflicts(ENGLISH LAW RESEARCH GUIDE, 2017). below mentions diagram is showing the structureof English court when any proceedings start in law of court.1
Figure1: Structure of English System(Source: English Law, 2017)First comesapex court which is uppermost courtyard in UKandpetitions from lowercourtgoes there when some disputesare not resolve by lower sessionof court. But it shouldcontain a valid reason.Civil courtCriminal courtCountry court– This session of court isconsidering civil actions of parties. As manydisputes are arising between parties regardingrecovery of debt amount, consumer disputesregarding goods and services.Justice court– It considered first tier ofcriminal justice.It deals with those matterswhich are considered as serious offence andtheir imprisonment is up to 6 months.Thosecases which are of serious in offence andimprisonment is less than 6 months. In thissession, judges are deciding that whetherdocuments are considering enough evidencethat matter should go in Crown court as trail.High Court– In this, appeals are made fromcountry court where parties are not agreeingwith the decision of lower court. Butsometimes it also takes those actions which areCrown courts– In this, judges are hearingthose cases which are of serious offence andimprisonment is more than 6 months.2
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