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Report on Business Law and Organisational Laws

Added on - 28 Dec 2019

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INTRODUCTIONOrganisational laws refers, it is a lawful process in which including legal rules andregulations those are made or regulated by the government of country. In which have to followall rules and regulation by the all parties. When two parties want to make legal agreement sohave to do all woks under the law or legal term also with written agreement with legal stamp onthe papers. To control the illegal activities in the country by the government make some effectivelegal systems those follow by the all persons. In this report mention or including sales of goodsAct 1979, competition Act 1998 and law of agency(Abdi and Aulakh, 2012). All these arerelating to the business field related laws. According to the competition Act 1998 , as per this actgovernment wants to develop economy and standard of the living of the persons and increaseeffective competition in the market. In this act identify the legal rules and restriction in thecompetition market and they are abuse the dominate market situation. This act help to providebetter and effective services and goods to consumers and control on production in the businessand try to develop technology in the effective process(Appleman, Appleman and Holmes 2015).TASK 11.1 Implied aspects relating to sale of products and supply of servicesIn the context of sales of goods, in which included two parties one is buyer and second isseller. So that, it is the responsibility of both parties must be systematically follow legal rules andregulations which linked within this concept.In the sales agreement including seller and buyerthose are make a legal agreement under the law through the both parties have to stamping on thewritten papers and signed by the both parties if they are not legally attach so that agreement willbe illegal. According to the sale of goods Act 1979, as per this act have to follow rules those areregulated and control by the government of the country. In this act for the both parties havingsome restriction like by the seller should provide better quality of products on the basis ofagreement and for the buyer having also some restriction like full payment on the decided timeperiod to the seller. In this case Ben is the buyer, he want to purchase a second hand car from thedealer in UK in which dealer said about a car that only driven 18,500 miles by only one person.Both parties are agree about this agreement. They are make legal and written papers in whichstamping and signature by the both parties. After that Ben were purchase the car and pay
according to the agreement amount is 150 dollar to dealer. When buyer will go for a long drivewith their family member that time he will fell their car's engine is not working properly theirhaving some technical issues. In this situation Ben go to dealer to refund the payment of car sodealer will not payback to him because legally through the buyer and seller signature on the legalpaper. So Ben's does not having this right to after purchasing that will take refund amount fromthe dealer(Bisharaand, Westermann‐Behaylo 2012).Title:As per the section 12 of Sales of goods act 1979, seller of the organization shouldhave consideration, which be mention in the title. If it is not be done so that contarct willbe breached by the seller.Description:This refers to, it is a duty of seller to sell the products and goods tocustomers according to prescription and quality which were prescribed in advertisementof services to sale. In this case, it was a duty of car dealer should be sell according to thedescription.Quality:According to the section 14(2), it define, seller should ensure about the qualityof goods and services because it can be breached the contract seller will not providebetter quality of services to buyer.1.2 Ben on the statutory provisions on the transferral of property and possessionBy government there are regulated some effective legal rules and regulations those arehave to follow by all the parties while transfer of property and possession. As per this case orsituation some provision are including under the section 18 to 25 those are under the below:According to section 16, In this provision by the seller should provide better and effectivequality of products and goods to the buyer. Its illegal when both parties are not legallyfollow rule and regulation those are framed by the government. (Bishara, 2011).As per the section 17, In the legal agreement including mainly two parties one is sellerand second one is buyer. So in which have intention b y the both parties. In this case Benwants to buy a car that is ready to give payment of 150 dollar to dealer. So afterpurchasing the car by the seller Ben have not any legal right to get refund amount fromthe dealer.In the legal agreement between seller and buyer to sell a product to the buyer so thatshould provide clearly informations relating to the products that help to easy to transfergoods and products one party and another party. According to section 19, contract
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