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I have completed my MBA and currently studying law. The organization that I am
presently working for is Solar Company as the National Sales Officer. My designation in the
company is that of the National Sales Manager and the scope of my responsibilities are fairly
large in the company. In regards to my educational qualification, I did my Masters in Business
Administration from the Ballarat University. I started my Juris Doctor in 2017 and finished it in
2019. My job role as the national sales manager for Solar Company has been challenging and
varied at the same time. I have participated in tasks that encompassed the all-round performance
requirements for the company. Solar is a professional, scientific and technical organizations that
provide various types of solution to its client organizations.
I have been a high-achieving national sales manager for the company. In solar industry I
have been able to garner 8 years of essential experience. I have been able to develop skills that
help me to attract newer customer and boost revenue earning capacity of my organization. I
consider my essential talent as being able to deliver sales that are impactful. Moreover, I have
been able to develop skills for effectively educating and motivating my team members. My
essential job functions are establishing and adjusting the selling prices through cost monitoring
and analysis of supply and demand. I also negotiate and close agreements with the larger
customers of the company. I take part in meeting customers provide sales presentations that can
essentially help the needs of the customers. I have to take part in the effective management of my
team. Moreover, during my long run in the company I was also involved with training and
developing sales leaders that were exceptional. I also take part in drafting plans for sales and
help the company to form effective future strategies. My job role is as challenging as the
functional activities of the organization itself.
Key Achievements
My key achievements as the national sales manager of the Solar Company have been
many. This has boosted my confidence in the industry and at the same time provided me with
experience that can be said to the most valuable assets I have garnered in the industry. I was able
to establish and adjust selling prices through effectively monitoring supply and demand, costs
and competitive forces on consecutive occasions. I have been consistent in negotiating and
closing agreements with high profile clients. Many of these agreements have resulted in
providing the company ground breaking productivity and profitability. I have been consistently
successful in the maintenance of budgets, quotas and the effective maintenance of regional
territories for my subordinate team members. Some of my most remarkable achievements have
been predicting essential shifts in the market both at a regional and the national level through the
usage of my knowledge of the market essentials and factors governing the market. I have
managed national level sales programs, effectively supervised 7 sales representatives. I have
helped the organization to form effective sales strategies that have resulted in subsequent high
margin of profits for the company.
I entered Solar as a team manager in the sales department of the company. In the last 18
months of my stay at Solar I have come across many opportunities to excel at my job role. I have
succeeded in making most of them count and increased my potential for further excellence in the
industry and my future corporate life. I have been able to provide consistent performances to the
organization in the last eighteen months. One of my first significant achievements was becoming
the employee of the month in only the third month after my inception into the organization. This
helped me to garner much required respect among my colleagues and managers in the company.
However, at the same time this also created a lot of expectations in regards to my performances
moving forward. I struggled to keep up the levels of my performance and provided consistent
performances. After two more months I was again able to become the employee of the month.
Moving forward, I created a marketing plan that considered in providing various changes to the
existing marketing strategy that was being utilized by the company. The company was able to
garner 20% more revenue than before after the strategy was implemented in the very first month.
The profitability later increased further when it was implemented for a longer time. I was able to
suggest changes to some of the operational areas that helped the company to improve its
operational effectiveness. I suggested that special responsibilities to be given to the senior team
members to assist the juniors in the initial stages of their work. For this the seniors are to be
given a certain level of leniency. This worked greatly towards improving the performances of the
teams. The senior members got greatly motivated and accepted the changes as their work load
was slightly reduced due to the implementation of this measure. In the later months I became
consecutive employee of the month and manger of the months for 4 months. I became the
national sales manager for the company. In order to recognize me as an employee that have led
to the implementation of innovative ideas within the operational framework, I was provided the
most innovative employee award when I completed 9 months in the company. However, one of
the bigger achievements was becoming an effective manager. I was able to help my team become
one of the best performing teams in the organization. As a manager I was able to highly motivate
my subordinates towards giving better performances in every aspects of their job. I assisted my
subordinates and even by peers not only in regards to their professional matter but the severe
personal matters that were potentially dangerous towards the progress of their professional lives.
After I became the National Sales Manager, I was able to help my team become one of the most
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