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Business Performance Assignment

Added on - 20 Feb 2021

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To What Extent Do EnvironmentalIssues Affect Business Performance?
AbstractPurpose:The main purpose of the study is to determine some environmental issues thataffect the business performance. For that, the study will use sustainability act which must becomply by the firm in order to minimize the issues of environment. Apart from this, report willalso address positive as well as negative impact of environmental issues that affect theenvironment of the company.Methodology:for that, the researcher will uses quantitative data type in which SPSS toolis used that helps to determine the exact views of the respondents. Researcher takes both primaryand secondary data collection methods in order to complete the research and meet the aims andobjectives in better way. Apart from this, researcher will chooses 30 respondents in order toidentify their views which will assist to complete the aim in systematic manner.Findings:The report will interpret the data which is collected through SPSS tool in orderto determine the views of all respondents and their ideas.Originality:This study is the contribution to on- going research in order to determine thepositive and negative impact of environmental issues upon the business performance. Further, italso determine the ways which can be used by the company in order to minimize the impact ofthe environmental issues.
Research Report1
Topic: “ To what extent do Environmental issues affect Business performance”INTRODUCTIONIn this modern era, every business wants to stay ahead In the competition and that is why,it is essential for the firm to comply with all laws and regulations including environmental. Thus,in the same way, currently top brand also suffer from different environmental issues and thus itcreates negative impact upon the business performance. Such that pollution, waste disposal,climate change, inadequate access to water etc. Therefore, in the same way, this research reportis also based upon the environmental issues that affect the business performance. The researchwill describe this environmental issues using literature review and further, through methodologyresearch able to accomplish the aim and objectives.Company Overview:Tesco is one of the top multinational brand in UK who providegroceries and general merchandise to their customer at reasonable rates. Further, the company isconsidered the third largest retailer in world n the terms of its revenue and also has its variousunit at seven countries. Thus, it shows that the company has brand and international unit at worldlevel. Tesco also make strategy that helps to make the sustainable products which is accessibleand affordable to its customers. Company also follows the recycles material strategy in which itrecycles large amount of material in its process so that it will not affect the environment innegative way. Beside this, Tesco also makes sure that its office supplies are manufactured byusing recycles material and all the paper waste also recycles and also uses green computing systethat work in environment friendly manner.Aim: “To examine the impact of Environment issue on business performance: A case study onTESCO”Research Objectives:To identify the environment issues which affect the business.To determine the positive and negative impact of environment issues that affect thebusiness performance.To suggest some measures that minimize the negative impact of environment issues inTesco.Research questions:What are the environment issues that affect the business performance?2
What are the positive and negative impact of environment issues that affect the Tesco'sperformance?What are the ways that can be used by Tesco in order to minimize the environmentissues?Rationale:For every successful business, it is quite essential for the firm to determinewhat environmental issues are affecting the business and thus, The reason behind choosing thetopic is such that the researcher have their own interest and by research on the particular topicwill help to gain the Knowledge and enhance the research skills. Apart from this, another reasonof choosing the topic, maybe university provide the topic. But on the other side, by research onthe topic will help to gain knowledge about the environmental issues that affect the business inenegative way.Literature ReviewTheme 1: Identification of environmental issues that may affect the business.The term environmental issues refers to the harmful impact of different types of activitiesof human on the environment. As per the view ofHarper, Harper, C.L. and Snowden (2017)protecting the environment is the practise through which natural environment can be protected atdifferent levels such as individual, company and at the level of Government with the aim ofproviding benefits to human as well as for the environment. Environmentalism is a movementthat aims to address the issues related with environment with the help of activism, education andadvocacy etc. Furthermore, many researchers are having opinion that, marketing department ofthe organisation is responsible for developing strategies for identifying and reducing the impactof various environmental factors on the business. If, firm ignores the aspects related withenvironment it means that it is the weakness of marketing department of the firm and it willcreate negative impact on the reputation of the business.According toSalic, A. and Zelic (2018)there are various types of environmental issuestat can impact the business of the company in either positive or negative way. One of the mostimportant environmental issue is Climate change. Changes in the climate can become a threat tothe business if, management fails to recognize its impact. Example – Due to global warming andother adverse conditions of weather it has become difficult to conduct business for suchcompanies that are majorly dependent on water supplyTur-Porcar, Roig-Tierno, N. and LlorcaMestre (2018)have argued that there are other environmental issues also that can impact the3
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