Business Plan Assignment : Cinnamon Grand Hotel

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Business PlanOVERVIEWThis is an appeal to the people of Sri Lanka in relation tothe current terrorist attacks being occurred in the Colombo cityand disturbed the peace of nation. Cinnamon Grand Hotel showsconcerns with the disaster and looks forward to ensure safe andsecure Sri Lanka and its Tourism as well as provide its customerswith best offered packages and services.LO 2 Challenges and barriers to effective communicationChallenges and barriers in the communication leads to variouscomplications and problems in Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Itdecreases an mutual understanding between two persons and canresult in poor performance of Cinnamon Grand Hotel'semployees due to less communication with the manager of theHotel. The following are the few communication barriers-Linguistic Barriers-Language is an important tool tocommunicate and exchange the words between twopersons. There are different languages of people varyingfrom country to country and hence understanding crosscountry language is difficult for any individual.Cinnamon Grand Hotel has to face the language barriersand understanding while communicating with the localpeople(Fischer and, 2016).Perceptual barriers- Perception refers to the way ofthinking by a person(Clarke and, 2019). As in casethe wrong perception by the people of Sri Lanka for itssafety and security will affect the decision makingregarding the Resort opening by the management team.Attitude barriers- The Introvert component in the mindsLO 3 Strategies for overcoming communication barriersThe following are the different strategies that can be usedto overcome the communication barriers-Eliminating the difference in perception-TheCinnamon Grand Hotel is planning to open and set up anew resort has to change the perception in the minds ofpeople regarding the safety and security of the place dueto the current attacks from terrorists. This will be done byproperly explaining the various activities and plan thatwill ensure the safety of people from differentcomplications.Proper media selection-Media is the best way tocommunicate with the people and media can change thepeople's perception regarding the safety issues andsecurity at the resort. Thus, the Cinnamon Grand Hotelwill make a proper use of media for its resort promotion.Collect the relevant information-By collecting andanalysing the information related to the safety measuresand security of the resort will attract the stakeholdersrelated to this project leading to its success.
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