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Company overview
The name of the company that would be incorporated in the present business plan is “La
Bucuresti. The date of the incorporation would be 21st January 2017. For registration license, will
be obtained. The location of the restaurant would be Kent, UK. The main products of the
restaurant include several kinds of Romanian meals and coffee, tea that are required by the
customers during morning as well as evening time. The restaurant is offering home delivery
services to the customers within economical cost. This would assist the customers in taking the
experience of the food without visiting the outlet.
The target market of the firm would be business customers who can organize informal
meetings and youngsters who show keen interest in intake of Romanian snacks. It has been
examined that restaurant industry forms the part of broader hospitality sector within the national
economy. More than three quarters of the UK restaurateurs expects the overall number of
restaurant to expand over the next 12 months. There is greater need for the product as there is
greater number of Romanian migrants in UK. Along with this through Romanian Cuisine the UK
people can gain unique experience that would assist them in enhancing their experience. 15%
market share is intended to attain in the year 1 to year 3
Unique selling proposition
The Unique selling point of the business is organic food from Nutra ingredients limited.
This implies that the quality of raw material that is being used in food would not be unhygienic
and unhealthy. The environmental aspect would be considered (Garayoa et al., 2011). Further the
firm would sell unique Romanian food items to the target market.
The owner of the business is irina dumitru. To operate La Bucuresti in an efficient and effective
manner (20) employees shall be employed, which shall consist of 6 kitchen staff, 2 delivery
personnel, 6 waiters, 2 counter clerks and 4 cleaning staffs.
Skills Gap Analysis
Good teamwork
Cooking skills
Communication skills
Open to learning new ideas and ways of cooking
Attention towards excellent hygiene standards
Marketing skills
Business management skills
Skills required Skills available Needed? Yes/ No Action
Expertise in
Romanian cooking
for kitchen staff
Known to this style
of cuisine. The skills
are already existing.
But still there is
certain improvement
Yes Special Training from
Communication skills
in waiters as well as
counter clerks
There is scope of
improvement that can
help in enhancing
Yes Internal training and
monitoring. This
training will be done
within a week time
after recruitment.
Inter-personal Skills
among the front-line
Presence of some
level of these skills
Yes Internal Training and
Management skills
among the counter
There is presence of
such skills
Yes This can be learned by
the means of
experience and
attending training
which is given by
Procurement of raw Such skills is existing Yes It can be learned by
material by kitchen
in them but scope of
improvement can be
seen that can help in
enhancing the overall
the means of gaining
knowledge regarding
organic food
La Bucuresti shall be only engaged in providing Romanian meals in the form of some
specific products : Aubergine salad, Rustic salad, Grilled mincemeat, Mincemeat and rice
wrapped in cabbage leaves. The restaurant provides beverages in the form of Espresso Coffee,
Latte, Mocha Coffee, Green Tea, Tea and Lemon Tea. The restaurant will offer home delivery
services to the customers. Further diverse recipes would be utilized in development of the
products to offer customers with lot of varieties for selection. In relation to customer orientation.
Much more customer focused strategies would be considered to meet their requirement level that
can satisfy them.
One of the factors which shall render competitive advantage to the product shall be that
the whole project is completely environmental friendly, to the extent that the products used for
preparation of the meals shall also be completely organic and healthy in nature.
Name of the Product Pricing in Year 1 (in GBP)
Pan Fried cheddar cheese
Pan Fried courgetti 150g 4.50
Aubergine salad
Vegetarian salad 6.60
Main salad 8.20
Rustic salad 8.40
Tuna salad 7.8

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