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Added on - Jun 2021

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1BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENTTask 1: Youtube VideoTitle: Business Process Modeling with BPMNThe video shows that business process modeling is the analytical representation of a businessprocess of organizations. Along with business process delivery, the process modeling has been seenas the critical component for the success of business process management. It commonly uses BPMNor Business process Modeling Notation as the standard way to illustrates procedures with flow-charts. This is easily understood by business and IT managers. Further, it has brought variousbenefits from the organizations.Task 2: Discussion on Lecture slideTitle: Business Process AnalysisThe given slide has explained that business process analysis is used for assessing of businesswith the perspective to understand processes and develop effectiveness and efficiency of theoperations. Further, it describes various involved methods, participating parties, exchange ofinformation and different documents produced. It is widely deployed by multiple companies acrossimplementation solutions and consulting services. Moreover, trade facilitation projects and publicsectors get benefitted from business process analysis or BPA. It is beneficial in documenting implicitknowledge, capturing and recording manuals and non-documented processes.
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