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Business Processes of Abc Company

Added on - 27 Jan 2020

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INTRODUCTIONIn order to achieve effective success and results, management of business activities are veryimportant for organisation. The smoothing functioning of the business largely depend upon themanagement of business activities so the owner of company is required to maintain business systemin such a manner that entire activities are effectively managed and performed by the employees.These activities are directly and indirectly influenced by operation of organisation. In the simpleword, it can be said that owner and employers are highly responsible to carry out the businessactivities in an appropriate manner so that the desired objective can be effectively attained within atime period (Arlbjørn, 2011). The following project has discussed the relationship between variousprocessed and function of the organisation. In addition to this, operational plan and appropriatestrategies to achieve the firm objective has also been addressed in this report. Furthermore, the riskassessment process and health and safety regulations has also studied with the context of ABCcompanywhich is recruitment organisation and it is facing the issue regarding poor management,inadequate leadership and ineffective management. So in this report, various business process andelements has been described through which the problem of cited firm can resolved.TASK 11.1 Evaluate the interrelationship between the different business process and functions of ABCcompanyAs per the given scenario, ABC Company is a recruitment firm which provides job to the freshers,and experienced people. Thecited organisation is facing issue regarding poor management,inadequate leadership and ineffective management thus the effective outcomes have decreased.Furthermore, the problem has led to reductions of thousands of jobs, close services and delayoperation. In order to overcome these mentioned issues, operational manager is required to developa number of business processes for ABC Company.In the ABC Company, culture and structure play a very crucial role to manage the businessactivities and process. Company is required to adopt an effective culture and structure throughwhich it can improve existing function and process of business. Currently, company has adoptedperson culture under which the management consider the employees needs and requirementsregarding their working at workplace (Castorena, Rivera and González, 2013). With assistance ofthis culture, each and every individual in the corporation are treated as a important and valuableitself. On the other hand, cited organisation has adopted horizontal structure which emphasizes on3
employees centred approachwith emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.In this structure of theorganisation, ABC management has a less defined chain of command.All department have lesscontrolled by the top management.In the ABC Company, there are various functional departments which havebusinesspurposes along with various processes and functions. These all functional department carry differentactivities and business functions but all of these have common objective to attain organisationalgoals (Dale and, 2013).Top management is responsible to delegate assignment and authorityto middle level and lower level management. Furthermore, the management is obligated to controland monitor various activities and performance of these departments.Illustration1: Relationship between process and functionsAs per the above diagram, the interrelationship between organisational process and functions hascleared.These all department and their relationship largely assist in attaining objective of ABCCompany. In the cited organisation, top management consist of board of director and managingdirector. They have the responsibility to control and monitor activities and function of variousfunctional departments like marketing, finance, human resources, technical and administrations.These all department have the responsibility to carry out day to day operation of business and reporttheir business activities to the top management (Ford and Håkansson, 2013). For example, in themarketing department, manager has the responsibility to develop marketing strategies and organisepromotional activities so that the desired objective can be attained. In the finance department,4
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