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Business Report Assignment

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running Head: GROUP BUSINESS REPORTGroup Business ReportName of the StudentName of the University
1GROUP BUSINESS REPORTChosen Hobby Topic 1: Gardening1.1 Overview of Gardening-Practice of cultivating and growing of plants is known as gardening which is consideredas horticulture. Many kinds of plants are grown in garden that involves growing of ornamentalplants such as flowers that are grown for their appearance and foliage. Gardening also involvescultivation of useful plants such as herbs, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, and fruits. Theseplants are usually grown for household consumption, for use of dyes, cosmetic use and also canbe used for medicinal purpose. Practicing gardening is considered as the most important activityof relaxation and keeping the environment fresh. There are different types of gardening.Common people do residential gardening in their house which is commonly known as gardening.Modern methods of gardening not only involve gardening on land (Jacobs, 2016). Gardening canbe done on the roof top, on balcony, on vivarium, or on atrium. Hobbies include relaxation ofmind and also relaxation of body. Daily life troubles can be mitigated from the hobbies.Gardening is considered as a relaxation hobby which can be done by people of any age. Throughgardening, there can be an opportunity to divert one’s mind from the daily problems and tasksand helps to concentrate on other tasks. Gardening is considered as a replacement therapy.Gardening helps to relax the mind from the problems and the issues of daily life.Cost benefit-For an average family, having a vegetable garden can help to save lot of money. Formiddle class people, buying veggies and other food materials from markets is quite an expensiveone. The amount of money spent to buy food and other materials can be very less, but if all theamount is added, it leads to a large amount of money. So, gardening can help people to lessen
2GROUP BUSINESS REPORTtheir expense. All fruits and vegetables can be grown in the backyard which is helps to cut thecost of living.Health benefits-Gardening provides many health benefits to the gardener as well as all the peoplesurrounding. Gardening provides endurance, strength, and flexibility to the gardener. A personwith a hobby of gardening can help to make the environment fresh and helps the gardener toburn calories to keep themselves fit. Gardening also provides its surrounding people with goodimmune system.1.2 Growth in Australia or WorldwideThe growth of gardening is increasing tremendously among the Australians in producingthe foods. The food production mainly happens in urban areas of Australia. There has been aninterest among the Australians for making the quality of food better, getting fresh food, andprovenance, and also because of the increasing amount food cost and less quantity of food thatare made locally. The Australians those who live in apartments and housings do not have gardensfor gardening. Even then they are inspired by utilizing their rooftops or balconies for growingtheir own food. Australians who do not have gardens also shows interest in community garden orat schools (Rouillon et al., 2017). Schools of Australia also arrange gardening programs for thestudents who are interested in gardening. In Australia almost 4.7 million of households growtheir own food in the backyard garden or on roof tops. South Australians grow about 59 percentof their food, including herbs, eggs, nuts, and vegetables. The residents of Tasmania and Victoriagrow almost 59 percent and 57 percent of their food by their own.
3GROUP BUSINESS REPORT1.3 Participation TrendsMainly growing of own food is considered as pursuit of the retired persons or areconsidered as the characteristics of families who have migrated in Australia. But the trend ofparticipating is changing day by day. To define a particular community or some typical home isvery difficult in Australia. A very large part of Australians take initiative in communitygardening or in home gardening. The participation trends regarding the gardening are not onlythe retired person, but all the ages of people from youth to kids. Almost about 61 percent ofgardening is done by 11 years or younger age of children, 49 % of household food gathering aredone by children between 12 years to 17 years, 56 % of the food gathering are done by youths ofabove 18 years of age. The households who do not have any children do almost 48 % of the foodgathering. Children who are school aged are mostly like to grow their own food.1.4 Future trendsThe future of gardening can be enhanced by involving the kids to do gardening and havethe practice of gardening for life time. The young gardener can be inspired by showing the brightcolors of the flowers and growing their interest in the area of gardening. The children can also bemade curious by showing their food on the plate and explaining them about how to get them. Thekids and youths should be explained about how to grow fruits and vegetables in their gardens. Itis equally important to involve the older generation in gardening because they have betterexperience and can guide the upcoming properly.1.5 Recommendation for future fundingThe concept of hydroponics is the most unique technique that is done by most of thehouseholds in Australia. Hydroponics is the concept of growing soil less pants. Without using the
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