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Business Requirements.

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Business RequirementsCatacomb Inc is into logistics business and operates at a global level. The company offers its services in supply chain. The business is oriented towards providing the satisfactory services to the customers in the market that is very competitive. Due to the competitiveness of the market it is important that the company ensures effective communication with the client to fulfil their various needs arising instantly. The effort to provide on time delivery of services, and appropriate support is likely to keep the company ahead in the competition. The company is gradually expanding its functions in the United States and around the world. It has been identified that the current network is not sufficient enough to fulfil all the communication requirements of the company. The growing need of the company requires improved quality of the network that can facilitate faster communication with the client.Considering this aspect, the company is willing to implement a network solution. The business requirements call for covering the entire network responsibilities related to the various offices. Moreover, hub system is important focusing on the access of internet at fast speed – S tar Topology (Horak, 2007). The company is oriented towards the implementation of new “enterprise-wide network” that includes WAN which will facilitate the data connectivity throughout all the locations. The network is expected to be secure and reliable and meeting all the need of the company. The company will be implementing Satellite microwave, WIMAX and Gigabit Ethernet. The service provider will be converted to VoIP telephony. This will ensure single network that will act as voice and data carrier. Security will be implemented also to ensure that the network function smoothly.
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