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RUNNING HEAD: Business ResearchBusiness ResearchAdvantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing to a Business
Business Research1Reflective writingI have executed this research program on the topic “Advantages and Disadvantages of CloudComputing to a Business” with a motive to gain knowledge of the concept of cloudcomputing which has gained much importance in the IT industry. I have executed thisbusiness research program with the objectives to develop knowledge of cloud computing andadvantages and disadvantages of the concept of cloud computing. Impact of cloud computingcan be seen on the level of efficiency of the business and deployment of the services offeredby the business in a rapid manner. I have developed knowledge regarding the four cloudcomputing models which include hybrid, community, private and public cloud. I have learnedthat cloud computing is a practice in which network of remote servers is used. These remoteservers are hosted on the internet for storing, managing, processing data at the place of a localserver.I have developed knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.Advantages which I have covered in this research program are reduction in time,enhancement in the level of efficiency of service delivery, enhancement in agility of thebusiness, optimum utilisation of the available resources, easy storage, management of thedata, competitive advantage over the competitors of the business and reduction in theoperational cost of the business. Disadvantages which I have discussed in this researchprogram are not suitable for every situation, dependency on the internet which affects thestorage service and retrieval service, need knowledge of the IT for operating cloud computingand lack of data security.Cloud computing is a current topic of the business environment which is widely being usedby the business for the management of the data in a better manner. Aspects discussed in thisresearch program have enhanced my knowledge by contributing to the learning experience
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