Business Research Assignment: Customer Satisfaction

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RESEARCH IN BUSINESS2Topic:Customer level of satisfaction on the transport services in SydneyProblem statementSydney is one of the cities in Australia. Just like any other city, Sydney is characterizedby transport network infrastructures made of trains, bus, and ferry services. The public transportis also made up of airlines, light railways lines, sightseeing buses and taxi services thatcomplement the towns transport network. Taking a case of a city like Sydney, we expect thatcases of overcrowding and scrambling for cars, buses, ferries should be past tense. A town withmany trains and modern roads, the airline should not be associated with cases of transportchallenges. In big cities within European countries, transport is not a worry, and every citizenand residents of such towns enjoy the benefits of using modern class transport services.Sydney is a big city, but the resident of this city is always jealous of the other Europeancities that pose good subway systems. They still wonder why traveling within their city is somuch challenging and what are the reasons as to why it’s so challenging. Many claims that poorplanning is the primary cause of such challenges. Like any other modern city, Sydney transportnetwork is diversified, and the many means of transport options enable the residents to moveabout the city and the service are just similar to those in other cities. The issue and the topic onthe question are why do we have some people comparing their city’s transport network withother European cities if in a real sense the Sydney transport service is up to customer expectationand are these customers delighted with this kind of transport services that are being offered in thecity.[ CITATION Bli18 \l 1033 ]
RESEARCH IN BUSINESS3Aims and objectivesThis research aims at investigating the transportation network in Sydney as well as accessingthe level of customer satisfaction on the transport services offered to them, and what leads to thecomfort. It also aims at investigation what are the reasons that may be causing the dissatisfactionif in any case customers are not satisfied with these services and what are the possible solutions.The objectives of the research include:Determine the current state of Sydney transport serviceInvestigate the level of satisfaction of the customers using the city transport servicesExamine the factors that lead to the current situation either satisfaction or dissatisfactionof the customersDevelop strategies for maintaining or improving the transport services in the Sydney cityand solution in case the customers are not satisfied.Brief methodologyTo accurately determine the level of customer satisfaction on the transport services inSydney, this research will consider the use of mixed methods to help in achieving the correctresult.Data collection –the level of customer satisfaction cannot be determined by assessmentof one person or one sector within transport service department. All areas ranging fromthe providers to the users and other relevant stakeholders have to be examined as well.Relevant data concerning transportation service in the city will be collected and analyzed.
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